Bad Journalism!

{An example of} Bad Journalism!

Below is an article from Eyewitness News about some incident late last month in Paramus, NJ. A couple kids were killed when their car crashed in a parking lot outside a shopping mall.

The car apparently flipped a few times, and occupants were ejected. A sad event for any parent indeed.

However – this “article” didn’t even begin to inject questions about the “WHY” of the event. It spent most of its time talking about EMOTIONS and quotes.

A good journalist (or writer) would have either asked tough questions – or offered opinion about the cause of such a tragedy. Unfortunately, these days, you have to rely on keen commenters – when they don’t get banned for being truthful. More commentary after the article:

2 recent high school grads killed in crash outside shopping mall in Paramus, New Jersey

Two recent high school graduates were killed when their car flipped in a parking lot in Paramus. On Sunday night, hundreds of people came together to honor their lives.

Loved ones and classmates turned out at Century Field in Garfield for 19-year-old Jennah DiSclafani and her best friend who were killed in a horrific crash. There were no cheers – instead, the field was soaked with tears.

“There was never a time that they weren’t smiling or happy. It seemed like they didn’t go through the pain other people went through,” says friend Bryan Rodriguez.

Mourners lit candles and held each other, and prayed and sent balloons to heaven. They even laughed a bit as they remembered the young women. But mostly they wept – for the piece of them that is now missing.

DiSclafani just graduated from Garfield High School this year. Her cousin, Brittany Graff, wore DiSclafani’s cheerleading jacket.

“She always made me smile, and I always looked up to her, and I always wanted to be just like her,” Graff said.

Another cousin said she lived life to the fullest.

“She was so fun and she was so kind to everyone. It’s terrible. We’re broken. We don’t know how to deal with it,” added Carly DiSclafani.

Police say it was around 1 a.m. Sunday when a white Ford Mustang flipped over several times and ended up in the near the Bergen Town Center Mall parking lot off of Route 4 in Paramus. All four occupants of the car were tossed from the vehicle. DiSclafani was killed almost instantly.

paramus car crash kills two kids - Bad Journalism!

The other three victims, two Garfield women, and a 23-year-old Paterson man were rushed to the hospital. One of the women later died. The other woman remains hospitalized with serious injuries. The man was treated and released.

The cause of the crash, as well as if there is any criminality involved is still under investigation. As for loved ones, answers to those questions would not have been enough anyway to ease the suffocating pain.

Why this is bad journalism

For one, they (CeFaan Kim) speaks almost solely about the sadness of the event. I guess that is what gets clicks – and minimal “negative feedback.”

Of course, when some young people die, it is indeed sad! No duh! It’s a given.

But this article goes on and on about the memories of those lost. That would be fine – AS A FOLLOW UP!

One smart commenter suggested either “drugs, alcohol, texting, inattention to driving and speed.”

There could have been many others as well. Such as “bad parenting, neglect” and so on.

It’s insane that almost no journalist or “beat writer” is willing to go out on a limb and have an opinion anymore. Sure, “journalists” are supposed to be purely factual – but this one left out prominent ones. Focusing on the “sad” nature of the tragedy should only be one aspect of a good piece. But I guess political correctness plays a role these days as well.

Yes, “kids,” even in their early 20’s – can do stupid things on their own. But most of the burden is on the parents for raising level-headed children who would never dream of even coming close to engaging in such nonsense.

It’s completely possible in 2017, that everyone is distracted by themselves and the gadgets that have consumed them. Teaching your children good values has a long-lasting impression – that will help them for the rest of their lives. But if everyone in the whole family is consumed by the gadgetry – child-rearing gets lost in the sauce.

How this kid apparently did something so reckless that lives were lost – has to be connected to how he was raised. Common sense and self-preservation are some of the most important things to enrich your child with. It will stay with them as long as they live. And it’s something that has to be done non-stop – without any reprieve. It should be a parent’s top priority at all costs!

It’s apparent something went wrong. And it’s up to those involved to find out where. As observers, we can only theorize. May the truth set you free!

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