Hoboken Movie Lineup – 9.15.2017

Bow Tie Cinemas Movies Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesAgain, the movie “choices” in the over-priced theaters is weak once again this week. No wonder why “Hollywood” is faltering. With TONS of 100% free ways to taint your brain online – this racket will eventually cease. Or the internet will stop working. One or the other.

Either way, not sure where you can catch this movie opening this weekend, called “The Force.” (FYI – a bad name, since that search phrase pretty much leads you to STAR WARS info. They should have picked a unique name!)

Anyway – some warnings regarding this “highly acclaimed” movie.

While I have not seen the flick, (nor will we likely see it), you need to be aware – that when a movie or “documentary” (in quotes deliberately), gets “RAVE REVIEWS” from all sorts of movie establishments – it’s most likely RUBBISH!

Either false narratives, or perverse subject matter. THAT IS WHAT THOSE “ACCOLADES” are precisely for. Peddling nonsense.

Now, while it’s possible that some good things slip through the cracks, my bet is on that they took this whole subject – and utterly destroyed the real truth behind the matter. Just peel back the layers – follow the dots (and money), ask “CUI BONO?” and you’ll have your answer.

I probably do not have to do that. My guess is that this is yet another one of the thousands of propaganda pieces out there to skull-f*ck everyone that sees it.


(Current new movies that might be playing in Hoboken below.)

the force movie

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