Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call {will anyone answer it?}

This is another video from a while back from master animator Steve Cutts.

While this is a “PR piece” on the so-called detriments of “mining” for the materials needed for your latest iGadget – we think it has a better meaning.

unboxing wake up call - Wake Up CallThe whole planned obsolescence of all this garbage you buy year after year.

Brilliant (for them) and sad (for the rest of us).

You can BET that they have PLENTY of advanced technology they can give you today. But they wait. And drag out the “new” as long as they can. That’s the game.

And I don’t see any reversal to this trend anytime soon. Because with multi-billion dollar companies (and their equally lavish “R&D” and “marketing” departments) – hardly any smart people (with minuscule budgets) will ever make a dent – even if they are brilliant.

Because those big companies will find you – and coerce you to sell your intellectual brilliance for a nice retirement.

The ego is one of humanities worst traits.

(Check out the other Steve Cutts video we posted a few weeks ago… good stuff. But sobering.)

wake up call - Wake Up Call

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