Easily programmed

{Humans are} Easily programmed

Some food for thought for today. You ever wonder how easily programmed us humans are?

Take a week or more off from all digital communication. It might take longer, but when you come back – it’ll be as clear as day that the human species is easy to manipulate.

One prime example of this is the love/hate chatter that’s circulating around.

The country is divided and people are getting behind this stupid “#lovetrumpshate” nonsense. Which naturally results in violence or other stupidity.

None of these loudmouths behind any of these movements really have anything to show for other than simple rhetoric.

It’s that rhetoric, repeated day after day across multiple platforms that literally transform people’s minds. They are not talking about real experiences. Just fakery.

They become the “output” of such superficial fakery.

Like robots. Like lemmings. Hardly in control of their own mind or common sense.

If you can’t see that – well, you have some more work to do.

easily programmed who are these idiots

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