Questions about 9/11?

Questions about 9/11?

This isn’t about conspiracy theories or “whodunnit?” This is a post asking why aren’t more people asking questions about 9/11 – the fact that we constantly re-hash horrible moments in our lives. It could be ANY “tragedy.”

We’ve mentioned this in the past – but the 9/11 tragedy affected only a few thousand people with the sad loss of life of a family member. While we absolutely feel terrible about it – shouldn’t the “memorial” aspect of this anniversary be strictly personal now?

Why should national ceremonies take place every single year? It’s overkill, in our opinion.

In order to “heal” as a country – how does it help to continually (and collectively) grieve?

To us, it seems more like a political and egotistical routine. We’d prefer these politicians get out of the picture entirely.

Again, as we’ve also said in the past – it appears these “mass casualty” moments play a bigger role in society – than things that are much worse.

Such as the opioid epidemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of people – to the blind eyes of the fat-pocketed government cronies that are making tear-jerking speeches across the country today.

Or the trillions spent on war – with tens of thousands of Americans – as well as other innocent civilians getting decimated across the world?

I just find it fascinating how these mass casualty events get so much more attention than anything else. The “shock and awe” factor, as well as the fear that came with them – just play tricks on almost everyone.

You can either defend your cognitive dissonance – or you can wake up and realize the truth of our words.

questions about 911 - Questions about 9/11?

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Monday, September 11, 2017 10:25 pm

Because someone benefits from it. And others benefit by not talking about the other, bigger problems you mentioned. I see that too, but most people I know do not.

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