The Urban Living Blueprint

The Urban Living Blueprint

Here’s a little outline of what is now The Urban Living Blueprint.

  1. Get a “high paying job” that is typically only available near the “big cities!” (Well, of course – that means that you need to live NEAR that high paying job. Ka-ching! You have some of the highest rent in the country! Or most expensive Real Estate and corresponding mortgage payment!)
  2. But why worry? You have lots of friends, bars, restaurants, and things to do! (Yes! More expenses to “keep up with the Joneses!”)
  3. this is what happens when you live in a big city too long

    this is what happens when you live in a big city too long

  4. Oh, but it’s so social! I have such an interesting life with almost no limit! (For sure, no limit on how much time you waste swiping timelines – and then being forced to “like,” or face exclusion!)
  5. But isn’t it great how diverse and culturally significant this place is? (Yeah, said NO ONE after some Antifa riot or mugging took place!)
  6. Everyone here is like-minded! I feel like I belong! (Uh huh, you and everyone else has been brainwashed into one particular political class solely based on environmental circumstances! Played like a fiddle!)
  7. I love the transportation options! Subways, buses, trains, and even bike sharing! I don’t need a car! (Good luck when you feel like going wherever you want – or need – to go somewhere WHEN YOU WANT TO! Cars are freedom.)
  8. Feels great to be “independent!” and free! (Good luck with any idea that opposes The Hive Mind.)
  9. Again, so many options for food and entertainment! (Okay, I’m sure some caged animals feel the same way when some new food is thrown in.)

the urban living blueprint is it all that

Does Urban Living really equate to happiness? Ever?

We’ve delved upon the aspects of Urban vs. Rural living (i.e., Why are big cities Democratic?) in the past.

And we think it’s an important theory to ponder.

Some folks just want to “live life” and (for lack of a better phrase) “have fun” or enjoy their limited time on Earth.

That applies mostly to folks who are single.

But it is apparently also affecting people who have started families. And that is worrisome a bit.

Sure, there are families that are affluent – and can handle the massive overhead of city living easily. Good for them (financially, at least).

What is often left out of the equation is what effect it has on impressionable kids.

Teaching values, like hard work or various skills, is not easy in an urban environment.

You might have “classes” (which cost money), but really honest learning is difficult in a city (except tech garbage). Not enough exposure to reality.

Sensible folks realize city living has a limit

I’ve adopted a theory for myself in the past few years – that “any sensible person SHOULD eventually get sick of high-density city living.”

It’s just not natural to live among so many people.

And I’m fairly convinced that, anyone who has sworn to love the city lifestyle without yearning to remove themselves from that cesspool – is most likely either mentally ill – or has been entirely brainwashed (another form of mental weakness).

I just cannot comprehend how anyone – after say 20 years – wouldn’t make it a priority to find peace and quiet elsewhere. It seems like a natural progression. Logical.

I guess people just don’t know any better?

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