Turn it off!

Turn it off! {the news and almost everything else!}

As a media company – part of our job entails scanning what the rest of the city and world is doing. It’s a crappy thing to have to be involved with. But our profoundly EXCELLENT advice is to TURN IT OFF. (Almost) all of it. Except common sense publications like Hoboken411 and others!

  • Mainstream media. (TV, Radio, MSM websites).
  • Social media. (Fakebook, Twatter, Instaphuck, etc.)

turn it off MSM social media - Turn it off!

Even the “alternative” is getting sucked in

Sure, we chime in from time to time about recent “events,” primarily to analyze how society is handling whatever retardation that is at hand.

But many of these so-called “alternative” outlets – are being played like silly putty in a kindergarten class.

They’re over-analyzing what is most often just engineered events.

Lack of common sense and practical thoughts

What a majority of those “news” sites (alternative or not) should be doing – is reporting about why.

Not “why” from the event per se – but WHY does anyone give two craps about some small-scale protest, for instance.

You ever wonder why it’s just a few hundred people?

Who are they and why did they even get involved?

A lot of times there are more so-called “reporters” and “cameras” there than actual protesters!

It seems very much fake and contrived. Just for political influence or whatever. Theater to change public opinion and perception about (insert retarded thing here _______).

Our advice: Shut that crap off. Worry only about your family, property, and friends. Most of you are not “societal analysts” like we have chosen to be. But our advice is to find real, honest, and important things to focus on. Don’t let the bread and circus freak-show derail your life!

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