Drugs, Opioids, why?

Drugs, Opioids, why?

You’ve heard about the opioid epidemic, right?

Most likely not from the mainstream news. But from other sources who are painting a much bleaker picture of the crisis.

How these ridiculously addictive drugs became so easy to prescribe to anyone claiming they’re in pain – is beyond me.

Isn’t it the leading cause of death now in America?

And of course – the illegal black market of heroin is at least 50% of the opioid problem as well.

why opioids who could be so stupid - Drugs, Opioids, why?

But how do people even get involved?

The last thing I’d want to do is take some pill to get high.

About the only “drug” we do – is alcohol – which comes with its own set of problems. But at least those problems are reversible – and take countless decades to reach their fury.

I’m just curious how this addictive crisis has reached such proportions.

I know “doctors” help PUSH these pills out with little restraint. That can, and likely will, be addressed by President Trump. It has to – in order to curtail the madness.

I mean, with 1 in 12 “doctors” (probably under-estimated) collecting fat bonuses for pushing opiods – you can bet that is part of the problem http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/08/22/doctors-get-paid-by-marketing-opioids.aspx

Perhaps those “pills” are the TRUE gateway to heroin much of the time. As those addicts degrade on their slippery slope downward (and said doctors refuse to help them anymore), they often go into the black market for heroin.

And I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons why people get “mixed up” in such a horrible way to treat their bodies and minds.

With all the knowledge – why aren’t people more informed?

Everyone and their brother has access to the vast digital library of information out there that pretty much says you’re ordering your own death sentence if you try that crap JUST ONCE.

But most of them cannot even comprehend multi-syllable words or complex phrases or arguments.

They’d rather watch stupid videos and other mindless entertainment and music. Never strengthening their mind or their awareness of the world around them. Surrounding themselves with horrible people.

Even in the poorest parts of the country, there are intelligent people looking to get out. They must not have many friends (or they too, get caught up in the drudgery).

I or anyone I know would NEVER “experiment” with horrific drugs that would without a doubt, would ruin our lives GUARANTEED!

So why do so many people get wrapped up?

Maybe this is part of some sick de-population scheme. Who knows.

I shake my head trying to figure out what is wrong with our society. And almost always it comes down to power, greed, ego, control, money and a few others.

We live amongst psychopaths. Cut your circle down to size and fortify for what is coming.

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