Words. They’re just words!

Words. They’re just words!

I’m astonished at how simple words, phrases, sentences and other harmless sounds have almost changed overnight. Think about it. Words. They’re just words!

Let’s fall back on the simple rule of law, as we’ve mentioned many times previously.

  1. Do as you’ve agreed to do.
  2. Do not infringe on another’s personal space or personal property.

(If everyone lived by those rules – we’d have ZERO problems in America today!)

It appears that in 2017 – thanks to stupid people, stupid social media, lack of critical thinking, patience and the complete disregard for other more important priorities in life – a lot of people are getting all bent out of shape for stupid shit.

words just words - Words. They're just words!

Everyone can be okay

Think for a moment about every person involved in any kind of DOPEY protest, gathering, riot, whatever you want to call them.

Think again about how they started, how they got promoted, why it was publicized, how people found out about them, how “counter-protests” were also organized (who organized them) and so on.

Some emotionally-charged thing happens (a stupid statue for instance), some people feel the need to express their concerns. A movement builds. Feelings get energized.

While it’s entirely retarded that symbolic things come into question – because they are just that, symbolic. Sure, it might be the “point,” and stupid, cowardly politicians are involved. But that is part of the retardation of society here.

Politicians are p*ssies!

If I were a politician “under pressure” to take some HARMLESS STATUE down “because” of (insert SJW cause here _________) – I’d tell these mother-fuckers exactly the following: “DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE IN YOUR LIFE. LEARN A SKILL. BE USEFUL TO SOCIETY AND YOUR FAMILY. GO HOME, ASSHOLES!”

The fact that ANY sissy politician CAVES-IN to “social pressure” from mobs of moronic people – that is a HUGE part of this story.

People – including some people put in charge of maintaining civility in society – just crumble under the slightest pressure – shows you that they SHOULD NOT BE IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING, including cleaning the toilets at some seedy dive bar. Same goes for those greedy $50 million a year “CEO’s” of stupid companies.

They should be home, sucking their thumb and NOT INVOLVED IN PUBLIC LIFE AT ALL.

People who should be gatekeepers of civility in society should not be weak assholes that currently almost dominate the landscape.

But everyone would be okay if they just went home. Deleted their social media apps, and canceled their TV subscriptions.

Do some gardening. Learn how to use tools. Build something. Help a neighbor. Plan for the future.

This social justice nonsense is just that. Nonsense. And do some digging to see who’s pulling all your triggers. There is a big, fat CUI BONO? at the end of that quiz.

PS – and this is important. Carefully analyze the words that almost EVERY mainstream “news” organization is using in their pithy stories about these events. They purposely generalize over-abundantly and make poor assumptions by labeling an entire group of people without understanding what took place. For instance, you don’t see them calling ALL Muslims terrorists because *some* are, do you? A bit of a double-standard, no?

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