Creepy downtown gawkers


Have any of you ladies noticed these guys staring at you every day on your way to the PATH?


Skeeving me out every day!

“Dear Hoboken 411,

Now it might be just me, but I have been living in Hoboken a couple years now and I have noticed something every morning on my walk to the Path. Why is it that a Stevens truck and NJ transit truck are always parked right next to the Robert De Ruggiero Realtors. I find it odd that they are always there, and not ever “working” and in general its just skeevy to watch them gawk at the all the people walking by each and every morning. What exactly are they suppose to be doing?

Can we figure out what these people are up to and/or at the very least put an end to this!”


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[quote comment=”97295″]I meant the quality of the beer, not the price. Don’t even get me started on the stadium . . . I am becoming a disgruntled season ticket holder.[/quote]

Well, if you should want to pass off some tickets, look my way.


I meant the quality of the beer, not the price. Don’t even get me started on the stadium . . . I am becoming a disgruntled season ticket holder.


[quote comment=”97215″][quote comment=”97210″]I know a lot of girls who think they’re a lot hotter than they are. I am fairly certain this phenomenon is known as the Hoboken Syndrome. Symptoms include wearing clothes at least two sizes two small, pancake makeup, popping the mushroom top, and the feeling of being constantly leered at (actually you’re being laughed at, but you somehow miss the joke).

The fix for this is simple – remove your funhouse mirror and get one at Bed, Bath & Beyond.[/quote]

Funny, I think those were the girls sitting next to me at the Yankees game yesterday. Nothing like three beer soaked harlots in short-shorts dancing to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” All the cheap Miller in the stadium could not make them look good.[/quote]

Where the hell is there ANYTHING cheap in the stadium, especially beer? Let the rest of us in on this.


Lo siento, but not paranoid. Just saying it’s deserving of an eyeroll and that someone annoyed by it, particularly if it’s the same people every single day, can voice their opinion. There’s a difference between just looking at someone and leering, complete with catcalls. Former is normal, latter is obnoxious.

[quote comment=”97200″]Tis the nature of the beast to look, gaze, glance, leer, at a thing of beauty or that which is an oddity, unusual, ugly, bizarre. Men, women and children do it, perhaps your heighten awareness leans more towards Paranoia in which case psychiatric help may be in order. Complaint is invalid.

More importent things in life to complain about, so until you get one, get help…. 😯



[quote comment=”97235″]Worse yet fat girls with big chests who don’t realize that their big boobs are as big as their backfat.[/quote]

Thank you, that was totally uncalled for. Well, it’s true and all but now I have that image burned in mind, not nice. 😯