Rent to Own

Rent to Own {Why is this even allowed?}

You ever see those “rent to own” shams that exist?

Places peddle getting the “latest gear” without good credit. No credit checks at all?

It’s businesses like this that make me shake my head in disbelief.

Wrong in every single way

There are two main aspects about horrible “rent to own” businesses that I’ll address here now.

  1. The cost is so exorbitant to the individual. Often 10 times more than actual cost!
  2. The fact that ANYONE would be so “needy” for something as stupid as a smart phone, that they’d be willing to become economically destroyed as a result – astounds us!

rent to own is the worst thing ever - Rent to Own

They got ya by the balls

As George Carlin clearly said: “They Got Ya By The Balls:”

Perhaps not the same subject – but the same punchline.

These low-income people, instead of building their savings, and living within their means – are now getting RAPED beyond belief, just to “have” that much coveting “thing” that everyone wants and needs.

Look at that “rent to own” website we linked to above. Most of the things are shoddy consumer products like cell phones and televisions. Plus the other “essentials” like furniture and appliances.

They are taking such advantage of people.

What should be happening is teaching folks how to get back on their feet.

What that means most of the time involves SACRIFICE.

Lower living standards. Move in with someone. Don’t pay for TV. Or cell phones. Or any of that crap.

Buckle down and SAVE. Live without the “luxuries” you HONESTLY CANNOT AFFORD.

Even if it’s a year or two or three. Just get yourself back on track.

THEN, maybe you can afford some stupid shit.

But who has a monthly budget anymore?

Hardly anyone in those income brackets.

They just want to “consume” (and screw around and all that other stuff). They need the phones to text skanks and more (like upholding their social status, etc.) It’s a crazy situation – and companies like those “rent to own” rackets are cashing in big time.

Hmm… maybe a good business idea if you have zero morals. Heck, the way they’re de-monetizing honest people on social media these days – perhaps that’s the way to go?

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