Sing along!

(People who) Sing Along – with other people nearby!

Here’s a little food for thought today. People who “sing along.” I’m sure many of you had to “deal with” a person or two who fit this category.

There are many aspects to the whole “sing along” situation.

One, and the most familiar – is those who feel the need to sing along during a music concert. We feel this is fine – especially when the vocalist REQUESTS that the audience sing. And even in some instances, the music sounds better the more that join in. One case in point is….

Another (worse) example is people who listen to music at home via some audio device… say they’re in the kitchen, or cleaning the house. They just sing along to keep themselves active, I guess. This is okay if they’re home alone – but with others trying to have their own thoughts nearby – it’s just not cool!

*** And the ABSOLUTE WORST example is *** people WHO SING ALONG TO THE RADIO while DRIVING WITH PASSENGERS in the car. Especially passengers who do NOT enjoy having to “hear” TWO voices at the same time.

car sing along the worst thing ever - Sing along!

Singing along should be an INDIVIDUAL practice – it’s narcissistic!

Unless you’re an incredible singer, who can actually MAKE A SONG BETTER – you should NEVER, I repeat NEVER “sing along” to a song in the presence of others.

It’s RUDE. It’s selfish. And completely disrespectful to everyone around you.

Think about this. A couple is driving along in a car. Some random song plays on the radio. And all of a sudden, the passenger just starts “singing along.” Doesn’t matter if they’re in tune or not (although “out of tune” is worse). What happens to the driver is that they are FORCED to hear TWO songs. The one playing on the radio – and the DISRUPTIVE one coming out of someone’s mouth. WHAT THE FUCK?

Who needs so much damn attention when with others?

It’s the equivalent of other disruptive, narcissistic verbalizations:

  • Talking during a movie. Either AT the screen (hate that too) or on the cell phone (why did you go to the movie exactly?)
  • Interrupting someone when they’re engaged with others (on the phone or in person). You were not involved – why get involved?

I’m sure there are more. But those were the ones off the top of my head.


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Thursday, September 21, 2017 2:06 am

Thank you for this. I recently broke up with a guy who I was seeing that could not stop the show and tell singing along to everything. Non stop expression. No time was sacred. It became so bad that it was worse than nails on a chalkboard. Who needs to vocalize morning, noon and night?

I’m sure this was an extreme case, but I get what you’re saying. Shut up already!

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