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Kinja Deals {not healthy!}

Millennial shopping mindset… it’s an interesting subject. Case in point: Kinja Deals.

I’ve been curiously “following” this site via RSS for a few weeks out of sheer curiosity. To see how people (primarily millennials) get amped up and coerced into buying stuff with money they don’t have.

Kinja Deals is an entire blog dedicated to “finding” good deals doesn’t sound so bad on paper. We all like saving money.

But some of the crap that is up for consideration is nonsensical. Much of it is tech-based, which is a blatant signal of crap.

Millennial headlines for buying crap make your head ache

Even the headline writing has the telltale signs of millennial retardation. Let’s just take a look at a few over the recent month…

must have deals - Kinja Deals“Every PS4 Owner Should Grab Nier: Automata For $40”
This is typical of every video game they hock. (Note – they get commission for most sales). Each time some stupid video game is on sale – they say you SHOULD buy it. No wonder kids are broke. Same goes for all the gadget accessories they peddle – like “This $15 Travel Charger Can Power Four Gadgets At Once.”

“You May Actually Be Motivated To Exercise With Nordstrom Rack’s Adidas Sale”
I mean who gets motivated to exercise based on apparel? These headlines make my head ache.

“This $26 Laser Distance Measure Does All the Math For You”
They love promoting tech over the old-fashioned way of figuring it out by reading a tape. Circling the drain.

“Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition [PS4] Is a No-Brainer For $9”
What gets me is that any site suggests that purchasing a game is a “no-brainer.” The verbiage spewed by today’s millennials is astonishing.

“Now You Can Get a Morning-Transforming Wake-Up Light For $30”
I mean – have these kids ever heard of WINDOWS to wake up?

“Life’s Too Short For Vacuuming and Mopping – Pawn Them Off to Robots Starting At $150”
They tout robotic vacuums a lot. This is just one of the headlines. Peddling technology to people to cover basic tasks just annoys us.

kinja deals sites are not worth following - Kinja Deals

Deal sites like Kinja Deals don’t give two craps about you

I mean some of the stuff might appeal to you – even to us at times. And heck, who doesn’t want to be informed about good deals?

However, it brings this conversation to a different point.

Many of these purchases people make because they’re likely on the fence – or simply like the concept of supposedly “getting something for a good deal!” And finding a discounted deal may make them pull the trigger.

But all these shopping posts – at the same time – may make people buy things they truly have no urgent need for. For the sole purpose (CUI BONO) of giving that company either commissions – or payment for promotion.

Our advice – buy things ONLY when you absolutely NEED them!

(Footnote: However, there are certain “deal” sites out there that might be worth considering – especially if you like a broad range of options. Places that might offer “practically free” items or things for mere pennies. By watching some sites throughout the year – you might be able to do you entire XMAS shopping list for under $20! We’ll touch on that in the future…)

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