Park BS in Hoboken

Park BS in Hoboken {non-stop!}

We moved to Hoboken in the mid-90’s. And frankly, the Park BS has been spewed non-stop since then.

All the “talk” of parks has reached a frenzied state. As if politicians truly believe that “parks” are the “Holy Grail” of what people want.

Maybe all the talk of parks has actually conditioned constituents into thinking that is what they really need?

.. How many people would rather have a solid government over stupid parks to maintain?

.. How many folks have recognized that these “buzz phrases” come up each election cycle?

.. What percentage of the voting populous realize they’re just “amenities” and do nothing to reduce your financial expenditure?


Parks are nice, but there are other priorities

This is how conniving politicians work.

They peddle stupid stuff like parks and other “niceties” over what really matters. Like infrastructure. Roads. Lower taxes. A mini Hoboken Donald Trump would take the election in a heartbeat.

Another piece to the puzzle is the phony police presence. The “law” enforcement budget goes up (pressure from police unions), yet crime remains essentially unchanged.

Parks and police. They get you by the balls every time. And your emotions (over common sense) coerce you into allowing the ineptitude.

I’d vote for the first candidate that would suggest a new, NO-PENSION civil work force. “All new hires from this day forward – have to PAY INTO THEIR OWN RETIREMENT.”

That would break the curse of the massive budget line-item for retirements for these 25-year pansies. Regardless of the “risks” they take.

Sorry, cops. Be thankful you got in when the going was good.

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