Reader Mail: Thank you, Hoboken cops!


Here’s a great Hoboken411 reader mail from Vincent Rossi, Facility Manager at Our Lady of Grace Church. (This incident took place in the afternoon, one day last week)

Hoboken Police help, even when on Lunch!

“For the last seven days a man has been reported to me as being very aggressive and demanding entry to Our Lady of Grace Church and Chapel.


Several days ago he forced his way into the Convent, despite the hours for all Masses being clearly noted on all entrance ways for such services. Unfortunately, to protect the Church and Convent from thief and or vandalism they know longer can remain open as in the past. But as Facility Manager I have been instructed by our Pastor Fr. Alex Santora to never deny entrance if requested by anyone. In this case this individual would appear at various hours banging and demanding entry scaring the mostly female staff of secretaries who would answer the door.

Recently, he actually forced entry into the Convent Chapel located at 411 Clinton street. His behavior worried me and I reported this matter to the Hoboken Police Dept. yesterday.

Today he showed up at the Rectory and demanded the same, but his conduct was very disrespectful to both the Nun and Secretary answering the door and was denied entrance. Being summoned this time a clear description was provided to me. This had to stop, and I scanned the neighborhood and spotted a man leaving O.L.G. (via the rear parking lot located off Clinton and 5th streets) clearly matching the description I was provided and followed him several blocks towards Jefferson and 5th street.

Looking for Police I noted a squad car parked outside of Delfino Restaurant & Pizzeria. I told two H.P.D. Officers sitting down taking a late lunch break that I have the man that has been causing a disturbance at the church. They jumped up almost knocking their meal to the floor and bolted out! We all ran east to Adams were we spotted him. From there, they held him and called in to Headquarters, and within minutes their commanding officer Mr. John Petrosino arrived I informed him that I now recognize the man as a Hoboken resident who may be under medication or perhaps lack of, and that we at O.L.G. would, due to this fact, wish not to see him incarcerated, but given proper treatment and simply stop this behavior. At this point, John assured me he would be no further problem and I returned to work.

What impressed me most was the two cops speed and strength in running through the streets to finally put a end to this affair leaving their squad car behind as they did with their lunch. Thank you guys!

As far as this individual he is welcome to any and all Masses at Our Lady Of Grace if being of proper behavior.”

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You are right to point out that in fact most cops in Hoboken want to do the right thing. However in the past their leadership failed those patrolmen and the SWAT crisis is just the straw that broke the camels back.

What I have seen from the interim chief so far I like. He seems receptive to comments and criticisms and has participated in City Hall meetings. Apparently the last Chief thought he didn’t serve the citiziens of Hoboken but rather himself and didn’t feel the need to attend council meetings.

I hope the positive trend remains but I am skeptical given the history. The problems in the police department have been a crisis of leadership, not necessarily the fault of individual patrolmen. The new message should be, you cheat on your time sheet, you’re out. Wear a paper napkin as a klan hood, you’re out.

My condolences on your mother. That is not the way someone should leave this planet.


The police in Hoboken have been under scrutiny since the SWAT team scandal and the Chief’s forced resignation. Please don’t generalize all the policeman; I had a traumatic experience last year; my 87 year old mother perished as a result of a fire in her apartment. The first to respond to the distress call was a policeman who dispatched the incident to the fire department. They were organized, helpful and quite comforting in my time of need. Though my mother did not survive the response time was incredibly quick and they even gave us a police escort straight to her final resting place.

I wish all the police God speed, it is a dangerous job and though this is their chosen profession you might want to ask yourself if you would want to do what they do? 😆


yeah, but the comments about this not being news if they did it more often is BS. the good things cops do is not news cause that doesn’t entertain people. kudos to 411 for posting the good stories about the cops.


[quote comment=”97330″]I think some of us were poking fun at post #2, not at the cops. (at least that was what I was doing)[/quote]
Me too. 😆


I think some of us were poking fun at post #2, not at the cops. (at least that was what I was doing)