Does premium dog food make a difference?

Does premium dog food make a difference? {we don’t think so}

Man oh man, try debating with someone who’s sold on the “healthy” mindset whether premium dog food makes a difference in their pooches life.

It’s a no-win situation.

Psychological ways to coerce people to pay more {“feel good!”}

The whole “healthy” mindset to us, is just another one of the financial ploys out there to profit from.

While we feel that there are GOOD choices and BAD ones (i.e., eating carbs or packaged food), this whole racket has reached a level that is hard to understand by most people.

The differentiator is psychology.

Most often buzz-words and product packaging. The key emotional phrases and words. Like “whole grain” (or even grain-free), “organic,” and much more. Heck, often times when looking at dog food bags, you’d think they’re healthy for humans to eat!

We think it’s all bullshit.

premium dog food cheap dog food - Does premium dog food make a difference?

The food you feed your dog has hardly any impact on their lives

Unless you’re feeding dogs Cheetos and ice cream exclusively – what they eat plays a statistically insignificant effect on their lives.

Whether it’s Alpo brand for $20 for a 30lb bag or Merrick for $77 for a 25lb bag. Do you think one would lead to a quicker end-of-life over the other?

I have friends who feed the dog shopping-club brands and all their dogs live out lives well into their late teens. The same late-age illnesses as other friends who are all “organic” with their four-legged friends.

Save money – stop being emotionally invested in food

Seriously – We probably could have had $10,000 or more in some bank account nest egg if we never bought into this “healthy” trend for dogs.

Sure, maybe for the advanced species (humans) it might make some long-term sense (i.e., McDonald’s vs. Paleo). But for dogs, we don’t think it registers a blip on the radar.

For one, their life span is not nearly as long as ours. The chance for “healthy” food choices to make an impact are minimal.

We think it boils down to marketing and psychological programming. You want to “feel good” giving your dog the “best!” Yet, you have not personally witnessed the manufacturing process from start to end. And even if you did, you’d realize that that “kibble” they’re eating is pretty much the same crap once it gets processed down to marble-sized bits.

I mean how bad can animal protein be once it’s in crunchy cocoa-puff sized nuggets anyway?

I think most people over-analyze the so-called “quality” in this stuff. This “healthy” trend is relatively new. Back in the day everyone had the same food. Whatever the supermarket sold. Today, boutique pet stores sell all this “glamorized” food along with the feel good labels. There is NO TREND in existence that says dogs are living longer, happier, or better lives as a result.

All at the expense of the willing participants.

Go back to ordinary basic dog food, and build your bank accounts instead.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017 2:07 am

Great advice! Another bargain tip is to buy end pieces of cold cuts at the supermarket. Often cheaper than cans of dog food, with better pieces of meat.

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