Beef Jerky {thoughts and caveats}

Beef Jerky {thoughts and caveats}

Beef Jerky (or pork or other good meats) is a staple in the low carb and zero carb lifestyle.

But I wanted to point out an important caveat when it comes to HOW MUCH jerky you consume.

The most important factor is – that you probably ought to keep your beef jerky consumption to a minimum.

Sure, say you’re on a long road trip – and you stumble upon a rest stop, most of the “food” they have is utter garbage. There is literally nothing good to eat! However, they may have a few packs of beef jerky around – which is acceptable to eat if you’re doing LC or ZC.

While it’s a GREAT snack from time to time – it does have some downsides – but not as bad as you think.

The main point is, that beef jerky is typically super-high in sodium. While not wholly detrimental to your health – it WILL have an effect on your perceived weight. You might become bloated with water weight gain – which can possibly (temporarily) augment your weight by 5-10 pounds depending on how much you ate.

Don’t be dismayed, that will dissipate over the next couple days.

The key is – to not over consume beef jerky. Use it as a fix if you’re hungry and in an environment that is not conducive to good eating.

Additionally – it IS good as a “survival” food. It keeps for a long time (way beyond “expiration date”) and makes sense to have “on hand,” especially when it’s on sale.

So, while beef jerky is not a good everyday food (unless you make it yourself), it is a very worthwhile product to keep in your arsenal.

And always remember – fresh-cooked meats should always be a priority for your food staples. These “shelf-stable” products serve a purpose – but never your main purpose!

beef jerky thoughts and caveats - Beef Jerky {thoughts and caveats}

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