Curb Cutouts are false security

Curb Cutouts are false security {no kidding!}

At some point in the past, we were actually proponents of curb cutouts. We have since changed our position to be in opposition to them.


  1. Curb cutouts are FALSE SECURITY. In fact, they bring pedestrians CLOSER to two-ton vehicles than ever before!
  2. They also PROMOTE increased jaywalking – since the perceived distance the pedestrian has to walk has now shrunk even more.
  3. ADDED OVERHEAD. The more curbs and sidewalks you install in a city – the lesser chance of reducing property taxes. Simple math. Even IF the entire city had curb cutouts installed – and the “net death” remained unchanged – the maintenance of these implements GOES UP!
  4. Lastly – dumbing down of people. All these “safety” mechanisms, like we said, give a false sense of security. THIS IS BAD long-term for the mental acuity of a body of people. Just like crosswalk signals that say “walk” have almost conditioned 99% of people NOT to look both ways regardless – implementing almost baby-like protection for people instead of incentivizing them to STRENGTHEN THEMSELVES – is just a recipe for disaster.

Or you could say, a recipe for government dependency, depending on how you look at it.

Food for thought.

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