Why eating healthy is hard

Why eating healthy is hard {for most people}

Below is a “comedy” video about why eating healthy is hard. While it may be “funny,” it’s kind of embarrassingly truthful.

The facts being – that the narrative “science” either knows nothing about how the body works – OR – deliberately tries to mislead the populous.

Regardless if they’re inept, or just purposely dishonest, it is absolutely time for everyone to just stop listening to the “mainstream.” You want to lose weight and get healthy? Try Zero Carb if you want results.

You want to constantly struggle with your weight and be the next victim on the health care money funnel assembly line? Just read those magazines at the checkout of your local supermarket.

That’s what makes me laugh every time I go food shopping. Each month – a new “breakthrough diet” is on the cover of some bird cage liner. If ANY of those “breakthrough” diets were ever legitimate – YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A DIFFERENT ONE EACH MONTH! What that sh*t?

This Is Why Eating Healthy Is Hard (Time Travel Dietician)

why eating healthy is hard

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