What angers you?

What angers you? {for real}

You ever really thought about What angers you? I mean deep down, and sincerely.

I’ve been thinking about the “anger” that finds its way into society a lot lately.  What angers you may be way different than what angers me, or other people out there. But how many of you really think about this so-called “anger?”

You ever think that the “anger” is inaccurate? Or completely unnecessary?

Let’s think some more here.

Anger should be personal.

Before we proceed – why not take a look at some of the more “trending” anger points that are circulating within society at the moment:

  • You name them. Equality. Gender. Transgender. Race. Whatever. People are getting “angry” over something. Typically connected to government. But sometimes individual businesses like bakeries who choose not to accept the business of some people who do not align with their beliefs.
  • Political ideas. Look at all those stupid protests. Politics are so much less than “left versus right” than it is “us (you and me) against them (the a-hole politicians).” They put those topics out in the wild to divide us – not to bring us together. Our mission (as people ) should be AGAINST those creating “laws” (most often they’re immune to).
  • We re-published a great piece the other day about how “racist” words aren’t all that. They’re just words. Not physical or financial actions against anyone. Simple symbols or sounds waves that only mean something if you CHOOSE to accept their meaning. The only thing that truly matters is if something PHYSICALLY happens to you. (i.e., you get injured in some way.)

what angers you - What angers you?

What angers Hoboken411?

See, I do not care about much. But I do care about common sense and logic. But once again, what angers you might be completely different!

In general, what angers us – are things that are illogical. Or purposefully stupid or unnecessary. We hate nonsense.

Below are a few bullet points of things that annoy and anger us from time to time.

Some things are on the individual level, such as:

  • Incompetence. I’m seeing this more and more as time goes by. Incompetence on a personal level. Especially in the low-paying retail sector. Especially places like Walmart. But often at local places like Rite Aid. It appears to me that hardly anyone strives to excel at their jobs. Even if they’re getting paid crap, wouldn’t you want to be good at what you do? How did people become so dumb and lethargic? When I was a teen working at CVS, I strived to know everything about everything in the store. My register was never short a penny and was an asset to the company. Today? Almost every person working at these places is a liability. It’s astonishing to see how poor the employee quality control is in most major businesses today.
  • Inept drivers. I really think the driving “tests” of today should be revised. The number of people who just should not be driving is astronomical. From people who are scared drivers and “obey” every speed limit sign, to the folks who are constantly “lost” and can’t figure out whether they’re coming or going – that really frustrates me. The driving test should be designed to deny those that clog the roads with their ineptitude.

But some are on the collective scale, as well.

  • Any imposing power-structure. You guessed it, all government from the local school board up to the federal level. While I understand the premise of “laws,” I think our American “experiment” has gone too far. From what was once a fundamental mechanism to maintain order and civility (i.e., the Constitution), into a without-a-doubt money making RACKET (the millions of laws “on the books” coast to coast). This system, unless almost entirely repealed, will result in the self-destruction of a civil society. You can pretty much guarantee it will happen. Not if, but when.
  • “Divide and Conquer.” Yes, this has a lot to do with recent “racial” events around the country. Hardly anyone can see what is really happening. Hardly any of those “participating” in the chaos understand one iota of what it means. It’s kind of by design. TPTB rely on people who cannot critically think for themselves. And it’s almost working. But we don’t think it’ll devolve entirely. While social media and MSM help fan the flames – there are enough sensible people quietly waiting in the wings to clean up the mess we have on our hands. The next dominos to fall are the eventual implosion of these “useful idiot” moments. I won’t be surprised by the upcoming events – but most of you will be astounded. I have my (figurative) popcorn ready to go.

There are a few others that irk us – like poor communicators, to those who take advantage of others for their own gain. But those are typically handled on a case by case basis. We also do our best to stay away from “phony” people. And it saddens us more than angers us regarding the millions of people who blindly follow the “bread and circus” nonsense that has always distracted the herd. That is probably the main reason why our country is in the shape it’s in.

Anyway – that’s your food for thought for today.

Now go load some online videos of people clubbing innocent seals or something to get your mind off it.

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