This is our world

This is our world

I’m sure some of you have seen this animation from Steve Cutts called “This is Our World,” in which he adds that it is the “sad reality” of the world we live in.

But if you haven’t seen it, please watch it. Or saw it back when it was released this past spring – check it out again.

See the dynamics of what this cartoon is trying to display.

Spend a day out and about without your phone. Leave it at home. Sit at a bus stop. Or a park bench. Or just hang out on a street corner with a friend (who also left their phone home) for a couple hours.

That animation is an accurate depiction of real life.

Why aren’t more people aware?

What startles me is that most folks don’t have that introspective ability anymore.

I think everyone knows when they’ve gotten way out of shape or overweight, then they do (or try to do) something about it.

With this technology and especially psychologically manipulative social media and “apps,” that concept is lost. Just like gamification (as we’ve talked about here and here) the non-stop “hooks” that keep people attached are fascinating. Much in the same way now that morbidly obese fat chicks are all of sudden “okay” with their own imminent death sentence.

The system has coaxed you into playing tricks on your own mind.

I’ll say it again. Despite the “good” things that people say to justify their participation in this cesspool (i.e., “keep in touch with friends, family, etc.”), the BAD things and how it re-wires YOU as a human being are NOT worth it. Certainly not in the long-run.

I think our inter-connected peak was the simple website and web browser. Once it became “social media,” the downward trek from the mountain-top began. The hive mind thing cannot last forever before the metastasizing takes over.

this is our world animation social media cesspool

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This is a perfect video. I’ve tried showing it to friends, who just did not get it.
The two key scenes are the suicidal woman who kills herself. The crowd, once they captured and shared the video just moved on as if it was just a stepping stone to the next post.
The final scene is what is happening figuratively to most as they become more immersed in the fake world. They do not realize it, and probably never will.