Trader Joe’s isn’t all that

Trader Joe’s isn’t all that

Many people were all “excited” about Trader Joe’s opening in Hoboken.

We were not. And justifiably so.

You see, “back in the day,” Trader Joe’s used to be a step above most other markets.

But today – they’re not all that. Their food spoils at a profoundly faster rate than most.

Their packaging sucks still to this day.

Yes, you can find some “deals,” if you cook that night. But don’t expect any long lasting food.

I will always prefer Wegmans over Trader Joe’s. Even if that means once-a-week hour-long trips. Their meat selection makes it worth it!

Our next investigation is ALDI’S. We’ll report back soon with that.

Trader Joe's not all that in Hoboken NJ

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I agree. We’d rather shop a Shoprite over Trader Joe’s.