Hoboken Pop Up Park waste of money!

Hoboken Pop Up Park waste of money!

I’ll say this again – as we said in a previous post – this “pop up park” is a total waste of property taxpayer money.

I mean how many of you can see this? To “RUSH” a park through prior to elections – is just “vote candy.”

While previously, these so-called “happy votes” would have gone to “don” Zimmer, they’re now expected to go to “PAY TO PLAY BHALLA.”

(Seriously – if you vote for BHALLA – you are a sick fucker. This guy is an honest maniac who could probably do bad things to puppies to get votes – psychopath!)

I really despise all “professional politicians,” and Bhalla is one of them. Perhaps there are a few honest seeds left. Like Nason or maybe one other. But that’s it. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY WOMAN CONNECTED TO ZIMMER AGAIN IN HOBOKEN. YOU WILL BE SORRY! (that would be Giattino…)

Hoboken Pop Up Park is useless - Hoboken Pop Up Park waste of money!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017 12:32 pm


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