Follow @ThomasWictor

Follow @ThomasWictor

We honestly do not “use” social media. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to follow certain key “influencers” who are above the fray (we use an RSS reader to scan headlines). @ThomasWictor is someone anyone who is on Twitter should follow (or read via other methods.)

This man speaks many truths.

Whether it’s politics (watch how “Obamacare” gets utterly destroyed by Trump eventually) or simple things like survival (how to defend against (or avoid) a senseless attack in an urban setting). In the end, he tells you to get out of densely-populated areas for your own good. His advice is almost perfect and completely sensible. RARE it today’s world. That is why I’m sharing with you today. Because I think it would profoundly benefit this area if more people knew about him. My part in making the world a better place to live.

Regardless, this person is profoundly interesting, sincere, as well as viciously confident in his thoughts (based on personal experience). He must send out 300+ tweets a day (which is why I scan via RSS instead of bleeding my brain dry on social media.)

I’d recommend you take some time to either examine – or literally follow this person for a while. You might gain an education or two.

You can thank me later. And many of you will.


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Good find. He seems to cut the BS out and lay it straight. Thanks for the suggestion!