Rip currents are not dangerous

Rip currents are not dangerous

[411 note before you head to the beach this weekend: These days, you see gobs of buffoons “re-tweeting” stupid fear stories from the MSM about “dangerous rip currents.” That probably leads to even more deaths than if they never said a thing about them. Or even better, TAUGHT people not to panic and how to manage. That’s social media for you.]

The daily TV and radio news here along the shores of the east coast, always mention the “rip tide risk” during the summer. It frightens people.

Rip currents (aka Rip Tides) which come and go, appear and disappear, are common on ocean beaches but really only on ocean beaches in the presence of large waves and with sand bars slightly offshore.

The only danger they offer is to ignorant ocean swimmers and bathers. Usually these currents are visible but, even if not, if you don’t want to enjoy a ride to the sand bar (but why not?) all you have to do is swim a few yards horizontal to the beach and you will be back to ordinary water.

When I was a youth, we beginner surfers used to cluster around rips for the free ride back out.

Inexperienced swimmers and children are most likely to panic. Panic and water do not mix. Ocean swimming and big waves are great fun if you have half a clue.

rip currents are not dangerous if you have half a clue

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