Anti-technology trends

Anti-technology trends

Today’s post is a request to think outside the box. I’m wondering what people might think are good (FUTURE) anti-technology trends to invest in now.

And by investment, I mean either find companies that are already “against the grain” when it comes to all this social media stuff and smartphone nonsense. Or starting a NEW business NOW – which has not “caught on” yet in terms of popularity – but EVENTUALLY WILL considering the trajectory we’re on.

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Not just prepping or SHTF stuff, either

Yes – there are many “doomsday” type businesses thriving in this current environment. Prepping being a big one. They make tons selling both survival equipment, canned food products, etc. Guns are doing especially well too.

But I’m thinking along a different line.

Predicting a future business that is not in existence today.

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What business would thrive (if) people turned away from technology?

While I’m sad to suspect that all this easy technology is actually attracting MORE people than it is pushing away – someone has to “short” this market just in case.

And besides the already-established “prepping” and “survival” markets – there has to be something that enterprising individuals can start doing NOW – in order to be prepared for (if and) when the tide turns.

I have few ideas that immediately come to mind. I’m just wondering if anyone else has some good thoughts. Especially ones that can “scale” quickly (i.e., become mainstream almost overnight – like those stupid fidget spinners).

  • Technology detox camps for children. This is a great idea – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t already in existence. But today’s kids are dumb as fuck, and cannot handle most real-world experiences individually – without the aid of the robot brain called the internet and their devices. A detox camp would be great for parents to toss their poorly-raised kids in for a month or two to get a taste of life without tech.

    In the process, they could probably learn skills, both physical and intellectual. I know farmers out there who have kids intern on their farms for the summer, but while that is real as can be, it’s only a couple kids a year. Doesn’t scale well.

    Maybe a “scared straight” type program for troubled techno-kids?

  • Anti-tech shock bracelets. Yes, extreme. But for those who want – but cannot escape their mental prison. Some kind of bracelet that detects wi-fi and cellular signals – and SHOCKS the person after some pre-determined amount of time.
  • Anti-liberal programming. Sure there is plenty of “alt-right” nonsense on the web. But very little on “TeeVee.” Plus all the BS commercials are so liberal, it’s sickening. What would it take to make a huge profit from this?
  • Amish expansion. Regardless of what you believe or think about the Amish – something profoundly positive about them. Maybe they need to figure out a way to “convert” ordinary people into Amish. It would likely screw with their already screwed up bloodlines – but I see this as a viable way to bring people closer to good things.

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What could you or I do as “individuals” to capitalize?

Yeah, some of my ideas are just shots in the dark.

But are there any practical things WE can do today to position ourselves to be able to profit as people begin to see the writing on the wall? Besides “investments” in the fake stock market or precious metals?

I mean there are a decent number of people who hate Zukerfuk now as it is. But what if that number goes up exponentially in the next year or two? The mainstream morons are screwing up left and right. How long before they make a massive screw up? (Like everyone’s personal info on Fakebook is “leaked?”)

What if 10% of the country (or more) kicked social media to the curb? Or wanted to find more meaningful things to do rather than “binge watch” some stupid shows? (We suspect that is the reason you can drive through almost any suburban community and see NO ONE walking around.)

In order to win – you need to be first (or very close)

I guess my main point is – that to position yourself right – you really need to be first, second – or the best – when this new market emerges (if ever).

So I’m wondering more about any NEW ideas that have not yet been implemented in any successful way – that would serve as a formidable hedge against where we are today.

Then again – asking publicly for that would likely result in very few promising concepts – as most people would keep the lid shut for themselves.

But it never hurts to ask: What is the next big idea that will win if the tide turns on “technology?”

anti technology trends - Anti-technology trends

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