BoE Meeting 8/5/2008

8/9/2008 Update:

For those that didn’t get a chance to see it yet, here is the list of salaries at the Hoboken Board of Education. This is from last fiscal year, ending June 30, 2008, and likely doesn’t include overtime.

hoboken board of education salaries fy2008 not including overtime - BoE Meeting 8/5/2008

8/7/2008 Update:

Maureen Sullivan has provided her perspective of the Hoboken Board of Education meeting that took place on Tuesday, August 5th. (See links to agenda PDF after the break)

Open Checkbook Night at Board of Education meeting

“According to the teachers’ union contract, coordinators get a $5,300 stipend. That is, of course, unless you happen to be the president of the union, then the pay is double. Hoboken Education Association (HEA) President Gary Enrico got his $10,000 job renewed as coordinator of the 16-week “gifted and talented” Saturday U program. He already has an assistant to handle the paperwork, but the best news is that he will no longer be in charge of deciding what the kids will learn: on Tuesday that job has been handed over to Anthony Petrosino, the district’s new curriculum czar. Fewer duties, less responsibility, same outrageously high pay. Pupie Raia abstained, I suppose because the HEA conveniently located its office in Pupie’s building on 7th Street. Fran Rhodes-Kearns also abstained. I’m not sure why.

hoboken board of education open checkbook night - BoE Meeting 8/5/2008

Matthew Burakowski stepped up from a $30,000-something computer tech job to the newly created position of “Net-Work System Administrator” at a salary of $53,000. An increase, I am told, of $18,000. He is 28. There’s also a chief information officer, David Bailey, who gets about $91,000.


(Hoboken BoE, continued…)

John Madigan, currently the “district printer,” is stepping up to “general technician” at a salary of $44,177. It’s a year-round job rather than a 10-month job so he’s getting a $5,000 raise. The printer job was eliminated because some one figured out that the district doesn’t have a print shop. So what will his duties be? Superintendent Jack Raslowsky says he’ll be doing some printing, working with the phones… you know, your basic general technician duties… (411 note: or tasks any 13-year old could do in his sleep)

Joseph Davis was rehired as the “School Safety Officer” at Hoboken H.S. at a salary of $42,703 (for 10 months). So, I asked the superintendent, does he have a law enforcement background? No. Does he have a security-guard background? No. What does he do? He provides security and he proctors, according to Raslowsky. So why does he get paid SO much more than the regular security guards at the schools, who get $10 an hour? Oh, I forgot, it’s Open Checkbook Night. Sorry, my bad.

On to the television studio. Yes, the high school has a television studio and now we’re going to dust off the cobwebs. Yep, it’s time to start hiring. Back in June, the board hired Douglas Macaulay to run the studio at a salary of $77,808. Then, he got a stipend of $7,500 because he’s the “moderator” of the studio (why isn’t he a “coordinator?” good question). Now, this week, it was time to hire an assistant for him. So Stephen Woodworth was given the newly created position of “Assistant to the Television Director.” It’s a part-time job that pays $20/hour up to $28,000 (which works out to about 35 hours a week). The superintendent pointed out that $28,000 is the max, but he hopes Woodworth is so busy that he does use up all the money. Superintendent, why is it that the head of the newly created television studio gets an assistant from day one? Well, we want to make this work and when we hired him we asked him what would it take to make it work and he said, an assistant. (Even Jimmy Farina was shaking his head over this one, and told me he agreed with me, and then voted to hire him. I felt as if for just a moment I had swayed someone over to the dark side of fiscal responsibility. Oh well, perhaps I need an assistant to handle that kind of thing.)

And this, my fellow Hobokenites, is how you get up to $56 million in a district with 2,000 students, or $25,000 per student (including the 300 or so illegal ones from out of town.)

Yours truly,
Maureen Sullivan


Normally, Hoboken411 posts the basic (and very vague) tentative Board of Education Agenda for each meeting.

I have multiple sources for such information (especially since the Hoboken Board of Education website doesn’t list the agendas or the minutes).

Additionally, the comprehensive “Stated Session” agenda isn’t made available to the public until the very start of the meeting, and ONLY in hard-copy format. You try reading 36 pages while the meeting is taking place. Not much time to challenge what’s on there, right? Such as all the new jobs being created?

Full BOE Agenda

Made available to you, the Hoboken residents and taxpayers, is this weeks Stated Session agenda. You can download a reduced version (with less meaningful parts removed) HERE or get the full 36 page document HERE.

  • Why isn’t this document available electronically?
  • Why only at the start of the meeting?

hoboken board of education meeting august 5 2008 - BoE Meeting 8/5/2008

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:04 am

i wonder if in the award of Gary Enrico’s job to manage the Gifted and Talented program Jack shared with anyone that he is getting the job as a reward for the negotiations on the teachers contract? I was told last year he told the committee overseeing it that Gary got the job as a bribe for hopefully getting better contract negotiations?!!

Regardless of how much Maureen Sulivan screamed at Jack last year about how horrible Gary had run the program and that she had learned that other MORE ACCOMPLISHED people had applied that Jack was re-hiring Gary. Unfortunately, Jack failed to say in PUBLIC that it was becuase he was trying to grease the skids for a better contract negotiations. Now Gary gets the job again but Tony is doing the programming…why is it Gary was hired again?

Curious….how did those contract negotiations turn out?


Monday, August 11, 2008 9:54 am

[quote comment=”98522″]Sanity
Are you making the same as you did in 2004?

I pay taxes, I vote, I have my voice here, and I GET INVOLVED.

I’ll argue with those who whine that the staff is incompetent. I “whine” when the schools are compared to phantom private schools. I don’t have all the answers and neither do you.

You generally whine about the cost of the system, yet don’t get involved. Your whine disappears in a few days. My ACTION at least has a small, yet positive IMPACT.[/quote]

And you support Garcia & his ilk, the primary causes of all that bloat. If that is what you call “getting involved” then you do yourself, every other taxpayer and every child that is enrolled in the Hoboken school system a disservice. Support from people like you is what allows Garcia to waste money with impunity.

strand tramp
strand tramp
Monday, August 11, 2008 8:29 am

what is a phantom private school?

Monday, August 11, 2008 7:25 am

Are you making the same as you did in 2004?

I pay taxes, I vote, I have my voice here, and I GET INVOLVED.

I’ll argue with those who whine that the staff is incompetent. I “whine” when the schools are compared to phantom private schools. I don’t have all the answers and neither do you.

You generally whine about the cost of the system, yet don’t get involved. Your whine disappears in a few days. My ACTION at least has a small, yet positive IMPACT.

Monday, August 11, 2008 1:39 am

[quote comment=”98513″]If you would stop analyzing particular sentences and step back a bit you might gain a little insight.[/quote] I’ll stop analyzing particular sentences when you stop misreading them. [quote comment=”98513″]Some of it goes to the higher level of experience of the teachers – I belive the average is 15 years – that costs $. [/quote] This false excuse again. Hoboken teachers averaged 22 years of experience in the 2004-2005 school year and earned an average salary of $77,320. Average experience DROPPED to 15 years in the 2006-2007 school year while average salary INCREASED to $81,682. How does your experience excuse make sense? Weehawken teachers have an average experience of 14 years, yet their salaries only average $54,181 How does your experience excuse make sense? Secaucus, Kearny, and Bayonne teachers have an average experience of 11 years, yet their salaries only average $56,839, $55,752, and $53,000. How does your experience excuse make sense? Keep in mind, however, that we’re spending 25k per student, much, much HIGHER than the surrounding towns. If it was just the teachers salaries, I wouldn’t give a crap. How do you explain the rest of the bloat? [quote comment=”98513″]What can you claim?[/quote] I pay taxes; I vote, and I have my voice here. And if you think I don’t do enough, well, it’s only my tax money compared to your son’s cupholder. Simply put, Skateparkmom, are you seriously defending the bloat? You sit there and admit the overspend yet you attack anyone who talks about it.… Read more »

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