Stop Sign Whiners

Stop Sign Whiners

Recently in Hoboken, some crybaby a-hole stopped his tricycle bicycle to see who colored outside of the lines “ran” a stop sign near 6th & Clinton Streets.

Here’s the video:

This person then “sent” the video (VIA SOCIAL MEDIA OF COURSE – attention whore) to Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante.

Who, by default – was FORCED TO RESPOND to this crybaby a-hole. That’s what happens with social media. Are people starting to get it yet?

Mr. Ferrante was skillful in his responses, but it boiled down to “we’re doing what we can, shut up” in the most polite way. Bravo for not wanting to bitch-slap these whining sissies.


This bike lane wussie was just like we alluded to above. Someone who “told” on a classmate in kindergarten because they colored their crayons the wrong way.


Let me explain in plain english.

Car #1 here (white Jetta) pulled a classic “pro-city-driver” maneuver.

Hoboken human blockade crossing pedestrain - Stop Sign Whiners

That is – when a pedestrian is crossing PARALLEL to you – You have a GREEN LIGHT to power on. Anyone who’s a good driver has done this for decades.

What’s the worst that can happen? Those pedestrians get mowed down, AND you get T-boned? So what? The pedestrians were ALREADY TOAST!

Car #2 here slowed down almost to an entire stop.

Hoboken car stops enough to acknowledge and move on - Stop Sign Whiners

The same girls in the pic above – probably said “go ahead” and let the car proceed. That is what we do, especially when we see a CLEAR street behind them.

More efficient to let the car move on – and BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, A-HOLES!

It’s sad that bike lane wussies complain that drivers are EFFICIENT AND SMART! Maybe they’re just jealous and weak. They wish they saved their money for a nice powerful V8 with tons of room and great air conditioning. Oh well.

hoboken bicyclists bitching about nothing hoboken411 - Stop Sign Whiners

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