Follow your own path

Follow your own path {does anyone anymore?}

We’ve written about concepts such as “Your own thoughts,” and “What influences you” in the recent past. This falls along the same idea: Follow your own path.

That means many things, of course. But primarily it means having your own true identity and calling – and being unsusceptible to “influences” around you.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

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selfie at eventThink about recent events around Hoboken lately. Stuff like the Arts & Music Festival – and the more recent St. Ann’s Festival. And of course, organized events like dopey bar crawls or worthless “restaurant weeks.”

So many people just do these things because they’re there. “Something to do,” as one might defend.

But most, if not all of those events are just promoted spectacles. Grand in scale, but with the same end outcome – the parting of your money for the benefit of others. Consumerism in disguise.

Many people I’ve known actually got “excited” about these spectacles. As if they were requirements for their otherwise dull, pedestrian life.

Key takeaway: If you get thrilled about seasonal events – you have some serious soul-searching to do!

Social Media

social media assholesYou knew this was coming. But I feel strongly about this.

I think of social media this way: Like a puppet master who has strings tied directly to YOU and YOUR BODY and YOUR MIND.

What is it now? Like 90% of people with smart phones keep, charge, and use their phones in or nearby their BEDS?

The fact that most of you look at your iPhone or Galaxy FIRST THING upon waking – is proof enough.

That digital slab is almost IMMEDIATELY influencing you the MINUTE you open your eyes every day. Not yourself and your own mind. Something else! With data tracking, metrics, and so on.

And whether you admit or realize it – it has shaped your day from that point on. Even if you don’t actually “do” anything specific as a result – it – without a doubt – is affecting YOUR THOUGHTS to some degree or another. You were changed as a result.

The long-term effects of that are probably worse.

Key takeaway: Want to be in control of your day? (or even better – your destiny?) NEVER bring your phone to bed, and NEVER look into that portal until much later in the day. Start your mornings with your own mind and your own ideas.


stupid trendsTrends make me laugh. Most of the time it’s some social thing. Or style. Or political movement.

But most trends become widespread due to the idiocy of the populous. RARE is it that a trend actually benefits society as a whole. Usually, it’s to benefit select individuals. That is why you don’t see “liberty” oriented trends making it to the mainstream.

I can think of a few off the top of my head that make me laugh hysterically:
– Tattoos
– Bearded guys with retro hair styles
– Skinny pants for men
– Tough women who drive Jeeps
– Crossfit
– Anything eco-related
– Immigration

I could go on. But the number of people deeply involved in some kind of “Trending” thing means there are that many FEWER people thinking for themselves.

One of the only exceptions to that is the trend of free-thinkers.

Key takeaway: Ask yourself what you identify with. I can bet that most of you will realize that it’s part of something else. Tribe mentality 101. And not a real tribe, either. Some superficial one with no real meaning.

Following your own path

Yes, I do acknowledge that most of human history is based on influence in some form. Ideas are “mashed up” and re-born.

Some might say that most original ideas have been exhausted – and most of our humanity is indeed a mashup in fact!

However, while that might be true for the most part – the daily (and almost by-minute) influences out there today in our technological world is what concerns us.

They say that this digital mobile-phone world is the next gateway for humanity. And that might be accurate – as technology has brought many “advancements” forward.

But we see it differently. While it’s a new financial gateway, I think the effect on human beings overall will be looked down upon centuries from today.

That “leap” we took forward after both the internet and these mobile devices, combined with the non-stop “socializing,” will be viewed upon as a step in the wrong direction. Especially for future generations. Look at Idiocracy for some foresight.

Following your own path is tough these days. It requires dedicated restraint from the digital onslaught – and time alone without distraction.

Let that sink in for a bit. If you can.

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