Chemical spill uptown

Chemical spill uptown – call the authorities!

In a clear display of over-reaction today – local authorities were called for a minor chemical spill in uptown Hoboken.

chemical spill north hudson sewerage hoboken NJ - Chemical spill uptown

chemical spill hoboken evacuation - Chemical spill uptownOver at the North Hudson Sewerage plant on 16th St., a few drops of peracetic acid spilled on the floor of a storage shed. This is one of the chemicals they use to “clean” the waste that people flush down their toilets.

Everyone became so alarmed that they actually suspended the NJ Transit Light Rail service and evacuated the Academy Bus area for over an hour. Also set up was the obligatory “hazmat area.”

Scenes right from your evening crime drama every time.

Hoboken Fire Department squirted some water on the spilled chemical and deemed the area “okay.”

So why all this chaos?

NHSA could have just sprayed water on the spill all by themselves and avoided this disruption of life in Hoboken.

But no, hardly anyone can manage minor incidents like this anymore without “calling authorities.”


chemical spill hoboken NJ North Hudson Sewerage - Chemical spill uptown

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