Topics for discussion

Topics for discussion {what are yours?}

As we here at Hoboken411 talk about both local and global issues – I often wonder how people get their daily “stuff” to ingest. Some topics for discussion today.

I see some folks get involved with ethnic topics for instance.

Many of them (try to) propagate information about various ethnic-related garbage. After observing it for a while, it became annoying. Yes, we get that you’re (insert J-blank here). SO WHAT? We’re all varying ethnicities – WHY TALK ABOUT YOURS SO OFTEN?

How many time have you heard me talk about our Viking STUD lineage? Or how we can snap marble counter-tops just by staring at them? NEVER!

So how often do we need to hear about all these other WEAK people and their “plights” of nonsense? NEVER as well! Shut up already! No one cares!

Stop paying attention to the government scumbags!

Next subject is “government.” So many dopes out there comment on every move these toolbags that are “elected” say, it’s sickening.

I truly think that ZERO “coverage” should be given to politicians or “governing bodies” (i.e., councils or congress, etc.) with the exception of ANY policy, law, ordinance, or resolution that has the potential to affect the lives of you and me. And of course, if they ROYALLY SCREW UP! Then you hold their feet to the fire. NEVER give them props for doing a job they’re supposed to do.

Imagine if you gave props to every worker who did what they were supposed to? You’d be doing that full-time!

Yes, you can argue that there needs to be significant discussion up and to the point of “voting,” and that is fair.

Hoboken411 Topics for Discussion - Topics for discussion

But the topics are wrong {less laws are better}

I’d be thrilled if a politician (anywhere) came along (after getting elected, of course) and said – “MY GOAL IS TO ELIMINATE MOST OF THESE STUPID LAWS!”

I’ll reiterate what I’ve said countless times on this website.

Laws are band-aids at best – and revenue streams (hidden taxes) at worst. And “at worst” is where we are at in society.

Just look at the parking fine rates in Hoboken. The “meager” parking “permit” prices are insignificant compared to the MULTI-MILLIONS of shekels this stupid mile square broad gets to put in her coffers.

Shortlist of common sense

I’ll end this blast with a quick list you can store or print.

  • Avoid “social justice” topics. They’re not real. Just provide value instead of complaining.
  • The government is not your friend and should never receive a pat on the back. The only exception is defending our people against foreign invaders.
  • Any discussion about Hollywood actors, professional sportsmen, or similar – is of no use to the common man. It only benefits the elite.
  • 99.9% of the “news” out there is BS. Turn it off and learn a trade.

I have 100’s of others. But the attention-span of the public is akin to a flock of sparrows who just drank 30 shots of espresso apiece.

Good day.

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