Hoboken weather outlook


Those that have figured out I have a weather obsession knew I couldn’t go long without a fruity Hoboken weather forecast update! Hey, with the potential flooding that exists in our town, there can never be too much weather awareness!

Anyway, some possible rain tomorrow, and some potential “storminess” throughout next week:


Thunderstorms triggered by a cool front will advance from the Great Lakes through the Northeast Friday night and Saturday. Watch for hail and wind gusts to 60 miles per hour out of some of these storms. The front will slow down once it gets farther east, causing unsettled weather to persist through New England and Atlantic Canada much of the weekend.

Next week

Next week, a very active pathway for thunderstorms will stretch from the Great Plains to the Northeast. The storms will set up along the boundary between very hot air to the south and cooler air to the north. The presence of a strong jet stream will push some storms to severe limits with strong, damaging winds.

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