What if professional sports just went away?

What if professional sports just went away?

A question popped into my mind the other day. What if professional sports just went away?

To put that into perspective…

We were out on a Sunday drive. Drove past some golf courses. Guys all “dressed up.” We also saw many amateur bicyclists dressed to the nines in “pro gear,” etc. Like they wanted to be “Lance f*cking Armstrong..”

professional sports wannabes

The people out there “playing” seemed to be “emulating” their idols in some degree. Like that “gear” made them “professional?”

How many FEWER people would engage in sporting activities if NONE of those individual or team sports NEVER became a “profession?” Where a few top competitors make big money, and tons of other money is made with broadcasting, apparel and other crap like “fantasy leagues?”

Take the “profession” (and TV madness) our of the equation – and what?

I bet if there was NO professional:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Cycling

NONE of these people (currently) partaking in such endeavors – would be doing them. At least with the same fervor.

They’d be doing more productive things. Like:

  • Fixing their homes.
  • Mowing their laws (instead of paying illegal immigrants.)
  • Learning new skills (i.e., productivity.)

Same can be said about people who emulate movies as well (one immediate thought is all those rice-burning street cars a la “Fast and The Furious” nonsense.)

professional sports zombies

With “entertainment” out of the equation – what happens?

“Entertainment” may be a bad word. Perhaps it should be “Distraction.”

Because that “entertainment” might also be “fitness.” Like Crossfit, or kickboxing, etc. Getting in shape no longer just requires good diet and decent activity. It requires fancy bullshit and marketing. People don’t get it shape because of health – they do it mostly for social reasons! Why? That is so ass-backwards!

I see so many people trudging to “classes,” yet they’re fat fucks. With no hope.

They don’t need apps and “motivation,” they need BETTER DIETS!

Counterpoint: What’s the harm with physical activity?

Good point. If professional sports ultimately get people out and about, I suppose there is some benefit, right?

But most people never achieve the health status of those getting compensated royally for their performance expectations. Which is why 99% of the “wannabes” are pathetic.

However, we feel the downsides are not worth the trade-off for the minuscule physical benefits – especially with plenty of other ways to break a sweat.

  • Brainwashing loyalty to teams (which are essentially business brands) means money spent on utter garbage (jerseys, tickets, memorabilia).
  • Propaganda from broadcast networks. Places like ESPN are horrific. Following the soap opera of millionaires in uniforms cannot be any more weak.
  • Wasted time. Some people spend a majority of their “free” time consuming this stuff. Like sponges. For what? Does being the “#1 Fan” leave behind any kind of legacy other that “what a buffoon that guy was…?”

Whatever. People will do whatever they want without much critical thought at all. We only feel like sharing with the hope that some might at least start re-evaluating what society has done to them. You know, think about things and what they mean – rather than just blindly consuming them.

But it is still a fascinating phenomenon to observe after you’ve “woken up.”

Good luck regardless!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017 1:48 am

Some of our friends are so obsessed with sports and their teams that it has become unbearable to be around them. Constantly talking about stats, trades, their fantasy leagues. Like they have nothing else to contribute. We see your point about how it has become a fabric of society. It is so popular. No one is interested in the herb garden we built. When you can buy anything anywhere it doesn’t matter to them. Until they have to do it themselves. Then they’ll be involved.

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