Bret Michaels “Rock of Love” Bus


Or you can call it what Gawker calls it:

VH1 “hepatitis bus” could soon be chugging into Hoboken

Rock of Love, in which former Poison something-or-other Bret Michaels tries to find the love of his life among a bevy of obliterated old groupies, may be our most winningly repulsive reality show. And that’s saying a lot, considering it’s on VH1 which is also host to the grim parasite that is I Love Money. But the problem is that it’s always been in Los Angeles—we’d have to send our blinded-by-bathtub-moonshine sisters and daughters (and wives) hobbling all the way across the country if we wanted to vicariously taste the salty-sweet thrills of the Bret Michaels Experience (“face time!”) But, now, no longer!

The next season will send Bret and his ladies hurtling across this great nation of ours in a tour bus, while he rocks out with his melted pencil eraser cock out. And they’re casting in New York and Hoboken (founded, five hundred years ago, by hobo Ken.) The cattle call is below.

I urge you to audition ladies. Your lives and livers will be forever changed.


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There was a bartender from Sullivan’s who also worked at A&P, I think his name was Pony…he should definitely attend this event! It seems right up his alley for one reason or another. 😆

Tama Murden

Hilarious comments here—thanks for a continuous LOL!

On-the-bus-Bret-has-been is about as appealing as anthrax.

Reality TV generates such great black comedy!
I’d pay admission to an open casting-call, at Bahama Mama’s, for example.

Imagine the Clydesdales (the clomp-clomp of stiletto’s, after hair blow-out’s & time on the tanning bed), in stampede, fantasizing about 15 mins. of fame….


I love Rock of Love! It’s so bad, that it’s so good, that you just have to watch it! You get sucked in! However, I think they could have picked another rocker for the 3rd season.

Maybe Hoboken is the home of the next Lacey on the show. LOL!


There’s only one pretty one in the whole lot – the one directly above him.

The brunette in the top right corner looks like Senator Larry Craig in drag at 3 am in an airport men’s room. Not that I know what that would look like…


I was trying to be nice, well as nice as I could be. As a fellow lady myself, I didn’t want come off as being super critical. Regardless, most of these women are better looking than what this guy deserves. Plus, he is wearing more make-up than all of them.
I have 20/15 vision by the way.