5 Ways Smart Phones Are Dumbing People Down

5 Ways Smart Phones Are Dumbing People Down

If you have the attention span to watch this “epic” long 12-minute video – then you might have a chance. Otherwise – you’re in the “dumbing people down” category hands down!

But this little video summarized almost everything we’ve been talking about here on Hoboken411 for the past few years. The literally obvious decline of the human attention span. As well as the literally obvious “dependency” on this 24-hour device everyone has. I put the word dependency in quotes for a reason. Because it’s not a dependency – it’s an addiction. Your life worked fine before you had one. What happened?

I know there are many other people like us out there. Who have next to ZERO need for our phones. And I’m not sure if the trend is moving in one direction or another. I see some younger folks abandoning tech, while at the same time see many more “elderly” people adopting it. I doubt we’ll ever see the true statistics out there.

Using your eyes is one of the best samples. Hang out anywhere. Whether on the streets of Hoboken or NYC – or take a drive. Look at drivers and passengers. Go to a rural area. Even out of state. PA. NY. CT. DE. VA. Everyone everywhere is like a zombie. Neck down, pecking away.

The psychological net has been thrown over our populous. Check the video out – even if YOU DISAGREE WITH IT ALL – and think you’re “above that.” You’re not – and you’re most likely a victim. Sorry, but facts are facts.

Now go fix yourself before it’s too late!

dumbing people down not possible

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