More package thieving!

More package thieving in Hoboken! {keep an eye out for this broad!}

Yep as we mentioned earlier this week about package thieves in Hoboken – it appears there is MORE package thieving going on around town. Despite what the “armed enforcers” police say – it will continue until you guys figure out a way to either shop local (and in person) or have your corrugated consumerism shipped to a safer location.

Below is a video of a woman (tattooed – a bad sign already) wearing a pink shirt and some yoga pants. That fits the EXACT model of 92.4% of the female population in Hoboken.

But she’s a thief that the Hoboken Police apparently know. And they suspect she’s homeless – because she’s wearing the same garb in all the other incidents that cops have taken reports on.

Not sure if she’s homeless per se. Maybe a drug problem (considering the neck tattoo). But the “uniform” she’s wearing may just be a clever disguise, and she’s not homeless at all – but just a crafty burglar.

So don’t be on the look out solely for a pink shirt wearing lady. Just be on the lookout in general. But I’d gather any petty criminal who has half a brain, would pull the stunt of “fitting in” so they don’t look out of place (i.e., truly look homeless).

Either way – it’s shitty that you have to resort to looking at (or even having) your “security camera” in order to keep what you paid for.

This is one of the times that I do partially respect “technology.” However, if society wasn’t going down the drain – and these lovely brownstones could be occupied at all times – brimming with love and life – instead of cameras and nannies – maybe these nefarious thefts would be a thing of the past.

package thieving bitch in hoboken NJ

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its amazing how many of these “perps” are known to the police, and yet they continue their reign of terror on the unsuspecting mail order consumer. WTF