Meme time-wasters

Meme time-wasters (be careful!)

As everyone knows – about three weeks ago, during the 4th of July weekend, the internet was ablaze with the whole CNN Blackmail “story” over some stupid “meme.”

Regardless of the right or wrong of the situation, we feel there was something else going on.

Besides millions, if not BILLIONS of wasted hours of human productivity – which is bad enough – perhaps there was more to this than one might imagine.

meme time wasters - Meme time-wasters

Our digital culture, doxing, and mob-mentality

For one, it seems a bit odd that an “experienced” media company like CNN would do something so stupid. Unless, of course, it was by design… You need to examine the “cui bono” aspects of that on your own. Especially, if CNN was colluding with folks like, say, Twitter and Facebook… Could be something bigger than what you see on the surface.

Perhaps it was a “test” to gauge the (easily trackable) responses online? To see which people participated in the flame war? With today’s extensive databases of who’s who – it’s not implausible that information was gathered in the process.

Additionally, this type of essentially harmless humor also added to the divide that is obvious within our culture (left / right nonsense). People are forgetting fundamental facts with all these technology distractions.

And how, with everything so electronic, digital mobs are an everyday occurrence. That is disturbing, that so many people get involved when no one is personally affected. Like lemmings, it seems.

Maybe it would be beneficial to take a few moments to realize where your time might be better spent?

Today’s food for thought. Oh, and here’s a few videos a friend of mine made. Not bad.

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