Can’t find your cell phone?


I can’t find my phone!

hoboken-phonemyphone.gifYou ever misplace your cell phone? Are you one of the many folks that no longer have a land line phone?

Well here’s a perfect solution for you!

I personally have a VoIP phone (Skype), so I can ring my phone if I “forget” where I last put it. However, many people rely on their cell phone as their sole source of verbal communication these days.

PhoneMyPhone is your answer!

Not only can this website dial your phone on demand, it can also help you in other precarious situations…

Get out of bad dates!

PhoneMyPhone will also schedule phone calls at specific times to get you out of that boring meeting or awful date if you need it.

You can have it ring a certain number of times at the time/date you specify.

  • If you’re in a horrible meeting, say “it’s an emergency, XXXX needs me to take care of….”
  • Or on a date you knew would cause you distress, say “my brother’s dog escaped, and he needs my help finding him!”

Have you used or needed a service like this? If so, either let us know in the comment section, or try it out soon!

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