Criminal Thugs (The HPU and others in Hoboken)

Criminal Thugs (The HPU and others “enforcing the law…”)

This past July 4th weekend in Hoboken resulted in a LOT of people who left town to head to destinations elsewhere. Understandably – there were THOUSANDS of available parking spots in town all throughout the weekend. But the criminal thugs were indifferent.

Hence, there was NO issue finding spaces – whether you had a “permit” or not. Easy sailing, right?

Not for people without “permits!”

Below is a photo of a vehicle that was booted LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES after moving a heavy piece of furniture into an apartment in midtown. A parking ticket. A boot. And TWO OBNOXIOUS STICKERS.

There is so much wrong with this – it’s hard to sum up.

Criminal Thugs HPU Hoboken Parking Utility - Criminal Thugs (The HPU and others in Hoboken)

The “rules” favor the house – not your wallets or happiness

Hoboken’s draconian parking “laws” are not meant to make parking easier.

Their SOLE purpose is to generate revenue for the city. A “hidden tax” with excessive verbiage and other phony intentions. Heck – HPU employees get FIRED if they do not maintain a QUOTA of ONE TICKET PER 20 MINUTES.

But what gets us most – and it boggles our mind that there aren’t PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES at city hall for this.


Sure – this vehicle “technically” violated some law decreed by these assholes at city hall.

The original laws on the book indicated you’d receive a “parking summons” for violating such law.

BUT WHO ALLOWED THESE STUPID “BOOTS” to get lumped ON TOP of the existing “penalty” for violating that law?

Tickets used to be like $10 or $20. Now, they’re $68 dollars! On top of that – the BOOT costs $150 to remove! Nearly 300% more than the “parking summons,” and over 1500% more than what it used to be! No one’s salaries are going up that fast!

Hardly anyone is miffed by this. They just “accept” the so-called laws, and “accept” these maniacal “lawmakers” and their stupid decrees. It’s UNSUSTAINABLE. And at some point in the near future – whoever is holding these positions of so-called “power” will be in an extremely uncomfortable circumstance once society ever wakes up. Man oh man, thank God I chose a private life. I will not envy those in government jobs when that happens.

Let me make this more clear: The “boot” was their way of more than quadrupling the revenue for you putting your car somewhere. Without the “negative feedback” of quadrupling the parking ticket. Because if they raised parking fines by 400%, they’d get voted out of office. So they “invented” a way of confusing the ordinary mentally-enslaved moron. Net result – same revenue. In fact, the net result was BETTER, because people have to PAY ON THE SPOT (ransom) to retrieve their vehicles in order to travel freely.

The next Mayoral candidate WILL WIN if they make this a cornerstone of their campaign and promise they will drastically reform these ROBBERY-TYPE “offenses.”

The boot used to be for really bad offenders

As a history – “boots” used to be used in RARE instances.

Either “scofflaws” who had MANY unpaid summonses.

Or cars that were left “unattended” in a violating spot for a LONG period of time (typically a month or longer).

No more. NOW THE “BOOT” is almost STANDARD on top of the parking summons.

THAT IS ESSENTIALLY CRIMINAL. Like we said, “criminal thugs!”

[PS – this is just the tip of the criminal iceberg. Same goes for speeding like we talked about yesterday – and all other “vitimless crimes” that “governing bodies” across the country financially RAPE you and me for.]

How to “solve” this so-called “problem?”

Well, it’s clear as day – that imposing massive financial penalties does NOT solve the parking quagmire.

All that does, is enrich government cronies – and harms LOCAL businesses – as there is less revenue available to be spent at area shops and eateries. Not to mention the financial well-being of Hoboken residents and visitors!

So what is the solution?

What is $5 million less for the Hoboken “government”

Hoboken makes between 5-10 million dollars ROBBING drivers who what to simply live in or enjoy what Hoboken has to offer.

If Hoboken just eliminated most of these draconian rules – it wouldn’t be so bad.

Yes – parking would still be hard. Maybe even harder. Who knows.

But having that money in the pockets of sovereign individuals – and instead of in city hall coffers would be amazing.

1. The image of Hoboken would improve drastically. Bitching about finding a parking space is nothing compared to people “tweeting” about avoiding Hoboken and their financial RAPE and shopping elsewhere.

2. The city could CUT BACK on many of the useless services and employees. Bike lane elimination would be a great start. An “at your own risk” mentality would go a LONG WAY at restoring individual responsibility. We do NOT NEED “BIG BROTHER” to take care of us.

Coloring outside of the lines

The bottom line is that most local governments are populated by assholes that ratted on you in kindergarten for “coloring outside of the lines.”

In an ideal world – “governing bodies” would be populated by brilliant thinkers (sort of like the founding fathers) who create sensible laws. Checks and balances. And so on.

But in today’s world – all bets are off. And society is becoming unhinged as a result. You can only push the MAJORITY of people so far before it falls back on you. Maybe that is the real reason why “mayor” don Zimmer decided to bail out of Hoboken. She just cannot handle the heat anymore (that – plus the promise of more shekels somewhere else. Such a narcissistic bunch of assholes that “managed” Hoboken for the past eight years. Sick.)

Anyway – maybe the slogan of Hoboken should be changed from “The Birthplace of Baseball” to “Live at your own financial risk.”

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