Why are so many people idiots? {“mass protests”}

Why are so many people idiots? {“mass protests”}

Anytime I see these “mass protests” I kind of feel bad for humanity.

Not because “mass protests” have an HONEST PLACE AND TIME, no.

Because these current, 2017 “mass protests” are complete and total MENTAL BRAINWASHING. On both sides!

Dishonest protest origins

For one, the majority of these “mass protests” are not originated by “the people” themselves. Not in the past few decades at least.

Almost ALL of these stupid, attention-gathering protests – are ORCHESTRATED by an external party.

In many of these cases – it’s apparently been billionaire “influencers” and their associated sham operations.

Allegedly, these wealthy (and completely out of touch psychopaths/sociopaths) have created much despair on planet Earth because of their dealings. Not many people talk about it, but it’s worth looking into how these scum bags operate. How they get away with it year after year is profoundly mind-blowing. That’s what insane wealth provides you with. An arena to operate within.

The majority are ignorant

All those “soldiers” (i.e., weak, easily manipulated a-holes) that attend these so-called “rallies,” are simply two things:
– PAID to attend
– Have been indoctrinated via various methodologies. Too many to exhibit here, but social media and other emotional BS play large roles.

mass protests are so stupid - Why are so many people idiots? {"mass protests"}

Wake up, please

I’m sad to say, that most people are the by-product of external mechanisms.

They “are who they are” because of society – and the stupid “things” that populate themselves in the minds of the masses.

It doesn’t take too much to understand that. Yet curiously, hardly anyone can comprehend that!

I’ve been saying for YEARS – to use one of the most basic models to understand almost everything on planet earth (besides weather and the animal kingdom), and that is: CUI BONO?


Almost everything you see “out there” is for someone else’s benefit. Whether it’s politics, technology, consumerism, or a myriad of other “ideas,” like feminism, rights, immigration and so on. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS FINANCIALLY BENEFITING from that “movement,” “thing,” or whatever you want to call it. There is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, and EGO attached to pretty much everything that has changed or shaped society in the past.

And will continue ad infinitum unless more people “wake up.”

If I had to recommend a quick tip for anyone who is scratching their head at this moment – that would be, “Stop worrying about all this crap. And take care of yourself, your family and your friends and neighbors. Get back to basics, unplug from the matrix, and hone in on your fundamentals. Such as survival, mental acuity, and real relationships. Eradicate most mainstream news and entertainment from your life – and you’ll realize that LIFE itself has enough of it’s own news, entertainment, and enjoyment all by itself!”

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