Cars drivers and cars! OMG!

You should never get hit by a car

Bumping the below post from last year as a reminder that it’s pretty much the pedestrian’s fault they ever get hit by a car in Hoboken.

A week or so ago, some girl was hit by a car. Hope she’s okay (she looked okay, as she was glued to her phone even while on the ground).

But this is 100% avoidable by the pedestrian. You have to establish eye contact with the driver always before you cross the street. You have to accurately observe the car slowing down before you even begin to proceed.

The amount of pedestrian-entitlement in Hoboken and everywhere else we go these days is mind-boggling. Maybe one out of a hundred pedestrians has the same sensibility as us. As well as lack of entitlement. Remember, it’s 200 pounds of flesh versus two tons of metal, glass, plastic, and rubber. You may hate cars and drivers – but you undoubtedly have to respect the math and physics.

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Photo by Twitter user @nickynicole12

Cars drivers and cars! OMG!

Some local douchebag on social media recently “complained” that they were “almost” hit by a car crossing some street in Hoboken.

WTF does that mean exactly? Think about it for a minute.

Did they walk in front of a moving vehicle while TAPPING AWAY ON THIER PHONE?

Or did a driver “recklessly” endanger them?

I’d suggest the former.

cars drivers who wins - Cars drivers and cars! OMG!

A smart person does not come into contact with “cars”

Not once have we come in close contact with a moving vehicle.


Because we use our fucking brains. Just chill out on the sidewalk until it’s absolutely CERTAIN that not one God Damn thing will harm us.

Who gets into these debacles?

I’ll tell you.


That is IT.

Let that sink in for a few minutes.

I’ll repeat it one more time:


Dumb-asses deserve it – because they are not paying attention

cars drivers cars always win - Cars drivers and cars! OMG!Attention-whores ALSO deserve it – because they’re looking for attention – or to further push a social agenda.

There is no other reason why someone would get “almost hurt.” Heck, every time you climb a ladder, you’re “almost hurt” because you’re five feet above the ground! Imagine “IF” you fell?

If you had any sense of self-preservation – you’d never come close to getting into an “almost hit by a car” situation.

Think about that again.

Once you remove ALL risk from your “road crossing” dilemma – you’re free and clear. How hard is that?

The stupid in society is unbearable at this point in time.

ZERO SYMPATHY for anyone who lives in a city and complains about anything. USE YOUR BRAINS.

FAKE NEWS from ordinary people as well!

These social justice warriors roaming our streets are ALSO to blame for the “fake news” epidemic that the MSM news is peddling out day after day.

Saying they were “almost hit” by a car is bullshit. These so-called “pedestrians” are equipped with a brain and eyeballs. The sad thing is – that they’r usually looking at their stupid PHONE!

Like I said – I’ve never even COME CLOSE to being hit by a car. Not by a mile!


Because I’m smart and self-sufficient.

The only way a car can EVER hit me is if the driver is passed out and has their foot glued to the gas pedal and they STEAM ROLL over the SIDEWALK!

Some people are just Darwin’s specimens.

Stop bitching, bitches!

Another main thing I despise about this so-called “social media,” is the fact that a growing number of people bitch and moan about every last thing. Like that scum bag that bitched to the local government about his own lack of awareness.

They try to make enemies of car drivers – when it is in fact these selfish pedestrians that are the cause of most of the accidents out there. STAY OUT OF THE WAY OF A FAST MOVING MULTI-TON VECHICLE, you dopes!

Your so-called “rights” are nothing compared to the weight and momentum of a metal object. When will that settle in? Social justice does you no good. Perhaps you failed science class?

And people talk about STEM bullshit for broads. Grow up!

Self-preservation is elementary

During my elementary school years – I was taught about self preservation. Protecting yourself.

Not about government decrees. Or blaming others.

While it’s reasonable to say “I cannot fathom how anyone can think that way…,” I do understand.

It’s mainstream media and progressive government that is causing all these brain-dead morons to vociferate these nonsensical complaints. They’re coaxed into doing so.

I cannot determine another way.

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