A great parody video, playing on the “scary” words these SCUMBAG POLITICIANS love to use in their protected chambers. “People will die!” is the scare tactic of the moment.

I’d love to sit down and have lunch with any of these bone-headed politicians. Just to understand what the heck they’re eating that is causing such mental retardation.

I mean, thanks to the internet (today at least), most sensible folks can “pull the veil” on the scam artists. But the ultimate sad thing is, those scam artists continue to remain in “power.” A great example is “mayor” don Zimmer for EIGHT fricking years! Who allowed that racket? Netflix? Amazon? Fakebook?


The more I dare to peek around, the more BS nonsense I discover. Hence, why we “disconnect” more often than 99.9% of the populous. It’s like heading to a toxic swamp for your water needs. Not gonna do it anymore.

people will die - PEOPLE WILL DIE!

Video Link.

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