Next Hoboken “mayor” must undo Zimmer’s damage

Letter: Next Hoboken “mayor” must undo Zimmer’s damage

By Rev. Alexander Santora

[411 Note: Rev. Santora is spot on with most of this stuff. But even mentioning anything about Trump was unnecessary. Zimmer’s flubling already has enough juice…]

I never thought I would be happy that Donald Trump is our President until Hoboken’s “mayor” don Zimmer announced she is walking away from her office because of Trump.  It’s a bizarre kind of reasoning.  Since he’s so anti-environment, it would make sense to use her bully pulpit to make a case for it.  But it’s a bright day for Hoboken because her successor has a lot to tackle and undo.

undo Zimmer’s damage

  • Let the traffic flow.  Zimmer has personally engineered traffic jams at Newark and Jackson and onto Observer Highway especially and these have ripple effects all over the one-mile square town.  Streets are clogged especially at rush hours.  A sensible auto plan would allow for pedestrian safety and acknowledge that in this section of the state, cars are the main means of transportation.
  • Unprotect the bicycle lanes.  What a waste of space!  The extra-wide Observer Highway protected, bike lane is hardly ever used except for joggers, walkers and people pushing baby carriages.  Most of the inland bike lanes are not even painted properly, which is dangerous.  I bike for recreation and enjoy it.  Create a sensible path to get around town for one tenth or one percent of residents who cycle and drop this obsession.  Hoboken is not Chatham. [411: Or Amsterdam either, as Zimmer and others love to believe…]
  • Remove parking on major thoroughfares.  There should not be any parking on either side of Jackson Street and Observer Highway.  Let cars get through so there is no idling exhaust or delayed times in traffic or increased road rage.
  • Fix the flooding.  When it rains heavily, Grove Street and the streets between Jersey City and Hoboken flood heavily.  How our eight-year mayor can claim to be the environment empress and do nothing about this boggles my mind.  And the mostly public project residents on the west side of town cannot even go outside or walk on the sidewalks when it rains heavily because of flooding.  When it rains heavily, much of Hoboken becomes a third-world country.
  • Remove the intersection bump-outs.  It’s virtually impossible for large trucks, delivery trucks and busses to navigate Hoboken’s intersections.  Stop the lunacy of bumping out intersections, which are dangerous and injurious to drivers and pedestrians.  Take away the rubber bollards at interior intersections so a truck or car can pull over for a discharge or pick-up and leave.  Ditto on Washington Street.  Our business community suffers from an anti-moving vehicle mayor.  The next one has to be business friendly.
  • Remove the ugly parking boxes.  Hoboken is the only town in the entire state to be openly hostile to out-of-town drivers and parkers.  And these people generate a large part of the economy.  Instead of welcoming them, we harass them, ticket them, boot them, and frustrate them.  Let’s get rid of unsightly parking stations except for business areas.

The next mayor has a laundry list of additional issues to address like overbuilding, infrastructure, public school waste and bloated bureaucracy to name a few.  Oddly, pro-environment Zimmer will leave Hoboken more environmentally damaged.  Some future governor or senator may hire her to inflict her unique kind of ecological advocacy on a larger number of people.  Hey, Trump’s looking good!

The Rev. Alexander Santora is the pastor of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph, 400 Willow Ave., Hoboken, 07030, FAX: 201-659-5833; Email:; Twitter: @padrehoboken

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