Fake politics in Hoboken

Fake Politics in Hoboken [Bogus Bhalla]

A better headline is “This Bogus “Thank You” Party for “mayor” don Zimmer is really a CAMPAIGN SCHMOOZING EVENT for “councilman-at-large” RAVI BHALLA!

This week, please join me at some bar in Hoboken as we host an event to thank mayor Zimmer for her years of service to Hoboken, and celebrate 8 years of good government.

What: Thank you celebration for Mayor Zimmer and good government
When: This week at some hour of the day
Where: Some bar in Hoboken
Who: All mentally-enslaved lemmings of the Hoboken community

Please click here to RSVP on in my social media cesspool. The event is free of charge, we look forward to seeing you one day this week!

Thanks, Ravi Bhalla

Who throws a thank you party with over six months left to “serve?”

ravi bhalla bee hiveIt’s clear to anyone with a mind capable of critical thought – that this bogus event has MUCH MORE to do with peddling a dangerous “councilman” as a candidate for “mayor” of Hoboken.

An honest “thank you” party would be held at LEAST in the last couple weeks of her term. Not with almost 14% of her term left!

If that isn’t enough to convince you, well, I’m sorry for you.

Look at the fake messages

Bhalla’s short announcement contains several blatant LIES.

“mayor” don Zimmer’s “service” to Hoboken didn’t amount to much. Other than poor and slow execution, repeated blunders on snow cleanup, perpetually poor roads, lots of press releases that didn’t say much, and over 25% MORE PARKING TICKETS to residents struggling to get by.

And “8 years” (shouldn’t it be EIGHT years?) of “good government” doesn’t say squat. In fact, “little to no government” is preferred. The smaller the government, the better. Hoboken’s budget hardly budged. And Zimmer’s non-existent influence within the state and county didn’t help LOWER taxes whatsoever.

Remember – she promised she’d lower property-owners tax payments by 25% in the FIRST YEAR ALONE. Perhaps that’s why she’s leaving.

And finally – notice how they have to throw in that an event at a cash bar is “free of charge.” Like that cash bar is free of charge every day of the year. All subtle manipulation techniques. And anyone that attends is, quite frankly, a fool.

The brown-nosers will be in full swing

ravi bhalla fake politics in hobokenThe few suckers who buy all the nonsense will gladly open their pocketbooks to pad Bhalla’s self-serving campaign to continue sucking on the public teet – and use political influence to secure more financial deals for himself in the future.

It’s entirely plausible that Bhalla could follow former Councilman Campos’ footsteps and do something stupid. Most of these bone-headed talking heads tend to lose their sense of morality and ethics after getting coddled by groupies long enough.

Also – because of Bhalla’s nationality – it serves as an additional wall of protection. He may be male, but the fact that he’s ethnic gives him the same liberal virtue signaling protection an LBGTQ “woman” would get. He feels like he’s in a safe space.

MANY Hoboken residents FEAR the man. They think because they (voluntarily) CHOOSE to NOT VOTE for an “ethnic man with a turban,” that they will be labeled “RACIST” in some way. Many residents go to bat for what they perceive as the “underdog” (for whatever reason), so they can brag on the social cesspool networks. So fricken’ stupid beyond belief.

And all of this is dangerous for the rest of us. Why? Because Bhalla has forever been a pompous, seemingly bi-polar, almost violent tinderbox only looking out for his own self-interests.

Take a look at the string of allegations of ethics violations that got swept under the rug!

Watch some of his drivel on the city council video channel. Almost all of it reeks of “strategic maneuvering.” The nasally, condescending tone this man uses toward citizens who share differing viewpoints is also in need of dire repair. Maybe a couple surgeries will help him improve his discourse with others. Maybe not.

Voting for Bhalla has nothing to do with quality leadership. It’s a guy who just wants to help himself. And he’s using anyone that supports him to try and attain his goals.

There are really only two sensible candidates in this upcoming election. DeFusco and Nason. Bhalla, unfortunately, is a contender because he’s getting rug burns from riding don Zimmer’s unworthy coattails.

KEY ELECTION AND VOTING TIP: Just because he’s a minority – doesn’t mean you should feel bad and “vote” for someone like that. Study their history briefly. Talk to a wide variety of people. MEET THEM. Look them in the eyes. Determine their sincerity. See how long they keep your attention. Are they asking questions? Or are they feeding you lines of BS? You have almost five months to do the legwork. However, this is a tall order for most of you. Selfies are more important. So…. we’ll see what really happens.

fake politics in Hoboken Ravi Bhalla Zimmer

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