You ever wonder why you’re addicted?

You ever wonder why you’re addicted? (TO YOUR CELL PHONE?)

Take a look at this photo below.

What do you see? Beyond what you “see,” what do you think each person is thinking or doing?

More importantly – WHY?

addicted to technology - You ever wonder why you're addicted?

The cell-o-sphere addicts people

Each “app” you add to your phone. Each social media network you allow to track your every word and location. Every application you add to supposedly make your life “easier,” has done some damage.

For one – you rarely look up. Use the incredible power of observation.

The human mind and body is a terrible thing to waste.

As I watch the majority of the populous revert from the “outdoors” to the “my phone” I wonder what the long-term effects will be.

Like I’ve mentioned previously – it seems that most passengers in motor vehicles these days (under a certain age) are NOT looking at their environs. They’re looking at some digital matrix. It essentially doesn’t “exist” except in binary digital form. It’s “real,” only in the fact that it exists in your mind.

What if you shut it all down?

Life would still continue.

You would still exist.

However, the previous “world” (in quotes on purpose), would either not exist – or be on “pause,” until you re-enter that gateway.

What do you “gain” by being in that digital world?

addicted to social media - You ever wonder why you're addicted?I try to ask as many people as possible – “what exactly are you doing?” But it’s not as easy as you think. Many people are unable to converse with a curious (and harmless) fella trying to understand the world around us.

The few times I do get a reaction – it’s either a self-deprecating response (like – just bored, checking shit out…) or a serious self-defense to the “necessity” of that slab of silicon. Many will fight to the death to defend their behavior.

Yes, I know – this “world” is real – and people are doing business in it. At someone’s expense. Maybe at everyone’s expense.

What do you “gain” by removing yourself? (at least partially?)

addicted unplugging from social media - You ever wonder why you're addicted?You might think this piece is hypocritical – since we do run a digital publication accessible via mobile device. Fair enough.

However, we’ve created a digital line in the sand in terms of our own “interwebs” usage. And we think it makes sense.

We’ve lived life both before the internet – and during it. So that gives us some credibility in terms of the differences between.

The internet can be a good place. But like anything else – moderation is key.

And while many praise the “social” aspect of our communication tools – I feel that is where the line must be drawn. For yourselves – not by decree from a higher authority.

I knew current modern-day social media was going to be a problem the minute they “sprouted up” over a decade ago. I shook my head and summoned Spock and said “that’s illogical” when we learned what Twitter was and is. The open conversations on social media are just too much for society to handle.

Not only too much information, but too much time actually interacting in general. Despite the micro “gains” you might perceive you achieve.

What you gain by removing yourself (at the very least from the social media cesspool) – is your own mind.

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