Tech evolution vs. the human mind

Tech evolution vs. the human mind

I’m sure many of you are “caught up” in the frenzy that the tech evolution has provided mankind.

We can write a whole history if we wanted – from the agricultural – the industrial – and all the way up to the technological revolutions. But most of you probably have a semi-good idea of what these revolutions meant – if you thought (or read) about them again. Each had a differing effect.

However, the tech revolution seems to be the worst of them all. For the human mind in particular.

What is technology doing to us all?

Almost non-stop, you “hear” about all these so-called “breakthroughs” when it comes to technology.

  • Cloud computing.
  • Data-mining.
  • Crowd-sourcing.
  • Group-doxing (tech witch hunts)
  • Gig-lifestyles.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Driverless cars.

And the usual “social” streaming of data (just look at “news” for a good example – you don’t need reporters – just Twitter embeds…)

All these things have electronic mechanisms in play. Not the human mind or eyes or ears.

tech evolution society - Tech evolution vs. the human mind

Believe it or not – the human aspect is really missing!

The human aspect (other than the programming that initially went into most of these endeavors) is missing. Once the human interacts with these digital platforms – they become almost wholly digital and computerized. Automated and a “digital mind of its own…?”

Those letters you see on your screen are about the only human aspect of it. Sure, they may say words. Many even kind or emotional words. But the mechanism and what happens to those words is not human.

Just because you read them – and may emotionally react to them doesn’t mean the same thing as if you were told face to face the same thing. You’re missing the body language first and foremost.

You’re also ignoring the fact that some money-making program is developing a profile of you and all your contacts.

On how to further EXPLOIT you for your money and your emotional weakness for more money after that. As well as your political beliefs, Or your stance on other human things like gender and other crap.

Each entry you make further adjusts the algorithm that will shape your perception tomorrow, next week, or next year.

You’re feeding the beast.

Reduce. Rewind. Reconnect.

I just came up with that “meme.” Reduce. Rewind. Reconnect. Right off the top of my head after my second glass of delicious red wine.

It’s modeled after some progressive anti-flooding nonsense. I forget what it was. Re-direct. Re-flush. Re-elect dumb asses. Or something like that.

Or maybe it was the whole racket of recycling? Reduce, Reuse, “revise our memes each time something happens?” I can’t keep track.

But Reduce. Rewind. Reconnect. sounds like an AWESOME plan to me!

  1. REDUCE: social media, and other garbage.
  2. REWIND: to days when people had patience – and spoke to each other face to face!
  3. RECONNECT: Yes – RE-connect to people the way HUMANS were meant to connect. Not via some slab of silicon without true depth.

Sounds good – but half the digital population now cannot rewind – they ran out of tape!

Herein lies a little problem.

Part or half of the population has literally run out of human “tape” to rewind to. Because they’ve NEVER experienced life in a human way. It’s been all digital.

Have you seen millennials interact? It spooks the fuck out of me. Especially their NON-EMOTIONAL eyes and facial expressions. Well, except when they see a funny GIF on their slab of silicon. HO-LEE-FUK is what I say.

I’d suggest the “mentors” of such mentally-enslaved morons and unlucky souls – get under the wings of someone who can accurately describe a better human being life back in the day.

Get them to strive to achieve the same.

99% chance it would not happen. But you have to start somewhere.

tech evolution what is it doing to the human mind - Tech evolution vs. the human mind

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