Manipulating public opinion

Manipulating public opinion {worst ever in 2017}

With the thousands of media outlets available – it’s fascinating to watch the new forms of manipulating public opinion sprouting up in the digital streaming age.

[Note that manipulating public opinion has been happening since the beginning of human civilization. It’s just today – it happens at whatever speed data travels through a fiber optic cable – instead of spoken word or printing press – although those still exists…]

Case in point is this stellar video from top truth-sayer Black Pigeon Speaks.

The amount of propaganda that comes out of these big media outlets fascinates me for several reasons.

One – they rely on ALL users (of a wide background of opinions) to stay in business. This perplexes me because by alienating one rather large group – that will only propel an alternative source to succeed.

Two – by pushing a particular agenda – they’re essentially showing their hand – which contributes highly to #1 mentioned above. There is no two-way discourse. It’s solely emotionally-based video segments – without a counterpoint. Blatant marketing.

Three – They must be so confident that they’re the single most important video outlet in existence. While it’s true they are by far the most used – those pinnacles are not permanent. Look at network TV as an example. Just because the biggest online media outlets appear unstoppable (especially as they keep buying up everything else in existence) as well as controlling the so-called “search results,” that doesn’t mean the actual PEOPLE will absolutely find a better way to interact online. Search result or not.

Four – They’re targeting the “new” generation – with hopes that both the older people are not watching – and will die off eventually. They’re mentally “prepping” the dumbasses of the world. Joy.

There is hope, however

As this onslaught of nonsensical information overwhelms and psychologically affects people – my inner gut says it’s not sustainable. For at least one simple reason – it goes against the inner “DNA” of humanity. There is only so much inclusion and acceptance a human being can tolerate before they truly realize it’s not natural. You don’t see pigeons mating with sparrows for a similar reason. Things on planet earth have their places – and despite the monetary and superficial segments out there – the fundamental truth typically wins out in the end. It’s just a matter of time.

And as YouTube alienates many – their place in the pecking order has a good chance of changing as well. (Provided big brother alphabet doesn’t pay billions to get people to stop).

Dunno. Based on the “outlash” witnessed in some of these propaganda videos – there is still a pulse in America. Now organizing that pulse is a different story. Time will tell.

youtube manipulating public opinion

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