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Zero Carbs {an ALL meat diet?}

For the past six or seven years – we’ve been involved with the knowledge pertaining to “low carb” living. But we recently stumbled on the “zero carbs” concept (what took so long?)

As a quick primer (by no means exhaustive), low carb food consumption (don’t say diet – because that is crap), is the lifestyle premise where you purposely do NOT eat exorbitant amounts of food which raise your blood sugar dramatically. Why? Because raising your blood sugar is unhealthy for your body. It promotes fat storage over fat burning. It’s a complicated biological process – but has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And naturally – each person has varying levels of blood sugar which can be good or bad. And it also depends on how long you’ve been an unhealthy person. Just because you ate tons of bread your whole life and are still skinny – doesn’t necessarily guarantee immunity from the detriments of spiking your blood sugar levels. Or that you don’t already have tons of underlying health issues waiting to kill you rapidly.

More on that later.

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Low carb – and body adjustment – and lifestyle errors

We lost a lot of weight doing low carb. We were diligent about avoiding things like bread and starches. We still ate our (low carb) veggies and so on.

The concept worked wonderfully and rapidly. Almost effortless (other than the strength required to AVOID the tempting bad foods).

But over the past few years – our weight has very slowly crept up. Out of the 100% of the weight we lost – we probably put back maybe 20% of it. And have maintained that for the past three years at least. Not an emergency – but concerning that, we’ve stayed so steady above our target zone. Is it body adjustment? Or the fact that we’ve allowed certain “gluten free” things to sneak in? Or the fact that we no longer completely shy away from desirable things like a tortilla chip every now and then?


Maybe not.

A new way to look at low carb living (even zero carb?)

For the many years, we were “low carb,” it was always about picking things that were (zero) or (low) carbohydrates.

Especially with fruits and vegetables. We’d always try to find the produce items on the lower end of the spectrum. Not super strict – but conscious in our decisions. That didn’t mean we never ate a potato. But you see how these normally-considered “healthy” veggies (even with starches) would sneak back onto our plate at times. Sometimes more often than we realized (thanks, tempting fuckers!)

However, we thought that maybe there is a piece of the puzzle that we’re missing. We’re so well educated about the dietary subject – why are we still not crushing it?

It can’t be the alcohol – because we have that under control. Can’t be stress. We have none. What is it? The few grams of low-carb bread?

No. It’s something else.

zero carb - Zero Carbs


We recently “re-stumbled upon” a website we saw years back – and realized what a gem we truly missed back in our information-seeking frenzy.

Zero Carb Zen (

Within that site (and I recommend you figure out a way to download it or archive it or print it just in case the internet goes bye-bye), is a TREASURE TROVE of invaluable information that will practically GUARANTEE you lose the weight you want PRONTO.

This guy (despite his abnormal medical issues) just eats MEAT – and drinks water solely. In fact, he eats only raw meat (beef primarily). But that whole thing is a later discussion as well).

The concept is EAT ONLY MEAT. And AVOID VEGETABLES – even “low carb” ones at all costs. Also FRUITS.

Why? Because of the SALICYLATES.

In that section, you’ll discover (never reported on by MSM) facts, such as:

– There is absolutely NO NEED to consume plant matter of any kind (Vegetarians can now jump off a bridge). Meat provides essentially the same (if not more) nutrition.

– Those salicylates in plant matter actually INFLAME the consumer (which is a protection mechanism in order to ensure plant survival against over-consumption).

– Most folks who eliminated those plant matter from their diets all succeeded profoundly.

So the big quagmire here is:

The almost globally recognized “meme” that “eat your veggies” is of the utmost importance. Versus the benefits of not eating any veggies.

Our experiment with the NO VEGGIE / ALL MEAT diet

Some random bullet points for our almost three week experiment with this “radical” food paridigm shift:

1. Almost INSTANTLY after going solely meat – we felt profoundly better overall. Mentally and physically.
2. Our weight dropped dramatically back to where it was at its lowest.
3. The food cravings also disappeared instantly. Eating a quarter of a 4 oz burger cooked the day before (for breakfast) kept us satiated for a long time.
4. Our mood and mental acuity also improved.

So what are the meaty details?

Well, for starters that ZeroCarbZen blog is extreme. They eat unseasoned raw meat and drink water only.

Many folks in their testimonials pages mix it up much more.

It’s all about food sensitivity – which most of us have to varying degrees.

That guy couldn’t tolerate anything but mean and water. But most people can expand on that considerably.

Like meat (cooked), eggs, and even cheese and pure dairy (like heavy whipping cream) and certain cheeses (in moderation).

One of the keys in this program – is pure elimination, which isn’t always for folks to do.

But experimenting is crucial. So find out what works for you – but be honest in your efforts.

Another interesting thing you may consider is hard-core FASTING. Even DRY-FASTING (which includes NOT drinking any water – or even touching water) for an extended period. Many folks have outright CURED diseases using this natural cleansing method. It’s not easy – and requires some planning. But check it out.

Anything to get away from the established medical industry which exists solely to keep you just alive and just sick enough to profit from your fear and lack of willingness to self-experiment.

That’s my 1000+ word health update.

We’ll post further revisions if need be.

Remember – the website I recommend is Zero Carb Zen ( (and it requires a lot of reading and poking around – not meant for the people that need a tour-guide to show them the way. Best bet is to start at “About” and take it from there.)

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 1:20 am

For sure. I also landed at this spot after trying diet after diet over the years. Started way back with Atkins. Then to lo carb. And many others in-between. This lifestyle has been the only one that has been sustainable and with much success. What makes it easy is the fact that food, and the thought of food is not an issue, but a mere afterthought. And our slow-cooker is the VIP of the kitchen. The main reason this model does not proliferate is because of the mental love for bad foods and the illusion of variety. Having yummy choices is irrelevant when it does not matter anymore. Decades of programming and repetition lead to that conundrum.

Kudos for bringing this forward. Congrats on your newfound success!

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