Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror {What has humanity become?}

Has anyone seen this ridiculous Selfie Mirror that some Silicon Valley startup is peddling?

It’s basically a mirror – with a built-in Android tablet (probably worth $79), some LED lights and some USB charging ports.

They’re charging $700 for it. Oh, wait, and it has some sub-standard audio speakers too (most likely equivalent to some cheap Bluetooth speakers worth around $30.)

First – take a look at their marketing promo video. Kind of sheds light on who will part with their seven Benjamins:

Glam girls with champagne and selfies

In the above promo video – they are likely showing their core demographic.

Superficial, hollow “girls,” who have not much to offer other than their bodies (and timeline photos).

I’ll acknowledge that there is (believe it or not) a market for brain-dead bimbos. People still love looking at photos (even paying for sex).

I’m not sure what these girls in the video are doing exactly but drinking champagne anyway. Wasn’t that typically reserved for celebrations of some kind? Not some random “selfie” night out on the town?

$700 down the tubes

Most idiots that buy this retarded contraption will soon find they’ll have it on sale on eBay for like $99. You can get a bigger mirror at an outlet store for under $20.

Perhaps the one saving grace about this mirror is – that a small percentage of the people standing in front of this dopey spy machine for hours a day – will actually SEE themselves in the mirror for real! And ask: “What the f*ck am I doing with my life in front of this ridiculous thing?”

Can’t blame the creators of this, however. They’re just capitalizing on the mentally-enslaved morons out there.

selfie mirror dumb idea - Selfie Mirror

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Narcissism sells. Wasn’t that one of the earliest modern marketing discoveries? Forget usefulness or practicality!