Bike sharing DUMPED IN HUDSON!

Bike sharing DUMPED IN HUDSON!

Recently – as “engineers” were examining the collapsing Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ – they found something interesting. A “Citibike” Bike Sharing bike at the bottom of the river.

They lifted it up – and propped it on the pier for everyone to laugh at.

This is what happens when you let “humanity” get their hands on things.

(Same goes for immigration in the EUSubscribe to this channel if you want a dose of reality.)

bike sharing with hudson river in Hoboken NJ

Why was the bike sharing bike dumped?

Part of us says this was simply “collateral damage,” (i.e., that a small percentage of bike sharing participants) would engage in nefarious activities towards this “perfect utopia” business model.

We have another angle. This “CitiBike” was a bike that is used in both NYC and Jersey City. HUGE rollout, huge population, etc. Thus, a greater chance that some negative things will happen. Par for the course. Can’t have nice things around derelicts living in densely-populated areas. (Hint: Move to the countryside if you want to be around good people…)

Then again…

I have another theory. While the odds favor just a random act of property destruction – it’s quite possible that some people are fighting back against this socialist nonsense.

While we’d never purposefully destroy something that didn’t belong to us – there are people out there looking to disrupt particular systems.

We’re certainly not fans of the bike share concept, that is for sure. We think that private ownership of a bicycle is beneficial in many ways. TO parlay many responsibilities, while not figuring out that you’re getting FLEECED in the long run (along with “nothing to show for your expenses,”) is a horrible trend to partake in. Buy a bike and take care of it. Hey you – (Millennials) – GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

I could go on and on – but I feel no sadness that a “cooperative” bicycle met its demise. Not one ounce.

I’ve had my own bike since I was old enough to ride one. And I’ll FOREVER OWN MY OWN BIKE.

Never will I participate in a bike sharing company (that likely sells my personal data and travel waypoints).


Peace out.

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